Teaching Week 2

February 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

Finally made a comeback after being on hiatus for so long. 2014 had been the best year to name, yet I could not even stop myself from giving plentiful of excuses whenever I thought of writing. Teaching Practicum from Jan to April – temporary tutoring at Cambridge English for Life – short escapade to Pulau Perhentian with parents and their buddies in May – graduation trip to Taiwan in July – trip to Kuching in August for the Asia TEFL Conference and lots of outings – part time job at Erican Language Centre – a whole month’s trip to Plymouth in December; good times definitely ended before you called it enough.

And without realising it, it had been 2 weeks since my career began. I am still clueless around the school; there are times I feel alienated and really lonely. Don’t get me wrong, the teachers are friendly and the students are wonderful – maybe it was just me in the process of getting the right rhythm and setting the vision straight. I am eager to help these students, and that is the very reason I feel a deep pang of disappointment when they did not try hard enough. English is definitely a foreign language here; students struggle hard enough to speak the Malay language, what more the white people’s.

So far, I was given only 2 classes after much confusion – a Form 2 and a Form 3. Maybe my presence was not really needed here as there seemed to be enough teachers around. I wonder if that is the similar case in most schools. I have entered both classes not more than 3 times; and could already sense that they have never thought of a sentence in English. In my first lessons, they literally begged me to speak in BM even though I was merely introducing myself and carrying out an ice-breaking game.

Today I asked myself a question – how am I going to teach them when some of them don’t even know what a thief and a country is?

The school system is a whole complicated thing. It was just a completely different world from what we had imagined it to be. It isn’t a cruel world, but you will find it difficult if you don’t fit it.

Will update more about what I have done in my classes, hopefully that is!

Tomorrow marks my first teacher duty – taking up the role of a chaperon (due to an immediate request). Getting an unpleasant hunch that this role would cause me having to sacrifise my teaching hours..

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