Being a Teacher

January 29, 2014 § 2 Comments

You are on the right track. keep it up!

Well, I would definitely send my children to you.

Said my supervisor today. Those words meant a lot to me. They probably meant everything to me. Being in the education line, whenever anyone approached me and asked “So what’s your plan in the future? Are you ready to teach?”, I admit that I always could never answer the question. Honestly, I had never imagined myself teaching for real, what more imagine my teaching style, my future career or anything in that line.

I’d always remember the almost-killing anxiety on my very first day in school/class. Honestly, I was almost at the verge of a panic attack.

Now, after 2 weeks in school, I could never imagine how I would feel after 3 months. It’s a little early to talk about the emotional connection, but I already have the image in mind. Shall update about it when the time comes! (:

I had planned to post about my daily teaching experiences, but I could never find the time. School has me occupied. I am constantly thinking about my students each day, in a good way. Got to say that it is not because they are all boys! Lol.


And suddenly, I feel that I have grown older…



§ 2 Responses to Being a Teacher

  • Lee Zi Xuan says:

    wow, this post really makes me feel a lot more confident to send my children to you in the future, Ms Khor =D

    • jenyong says:

      Whoa long time no hear from u le, Dr. Lee! šŸ˜€
      Of course u need to do that! U promised that u would send your future kids even if no one wants to do that! šŸ˜›

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