The First Day of the Last Five Weeks

April 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Yep. The remaining five weeks of classes here. I began throwing myself a million questions as I sat in the empty classroom early in the morning.

Will I ever had the chance to be here in this class, this town, this country again?

What is it that I have learnt for the past three years?

How will I ever remember the experiences of studying in a place like this?

A million questions like that flooded my mind, and I did not have a single question to any. Not ready to leave? It’s startng to sink in. Just a month ago, I was really eager to be home finally. Like really finally. Now, the fact that ‘everything will be your last’ ignites an uncertainty.

Few things that I’ve learnt today in class:-

1. “A successful teacher is a teacher who LOVEs the subject and CAREs for the students.”

2. You can see right through someone who pretends to care.

3. People and things change fast. You just have to accept the fact.

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