A Day of Wonder

November 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

Today is a day of wonder.

It’s weird how some things happen to you unexpectedly, and they just reminded you of some things worth knowing in life.

It was International Day in Marjons today, and I was part of the cooking/selling Malaysian ‘hot plate’ lunch menu at the dining hall. I was glad that I didn’t give up on this over something else. Because this experience was really incredible.

When working in the uni kitchen, we were introduced to a young boy named Aaron. He is a 19-year-old kid with some learning disabilities, but he never gave up on himself. He has been coming to help in Marjon’s kitchen for 3years now, something like his own ‘internship’ provided by the head chef so that he would be able to get himself a placement after he’s completed his culinary skills course.

Watching him obey the instructions, handling the utensils by himself, managing his task alone, joking and fighting with the members of the kitchen, focusing on his job diligently, having a warm response towards strangers, not hesitating at all to try new food and even queued up to be our first customer, offering help to us girls all the time, smiling and behaving so well, saying thank you whenever he can; every single thing that he does is simply touching.

How could a person be so amazing like that? How could a person be so determined and open to the outer world, which is clearly very hard for him? How could a person be so patient and appreciative?

Really really touching.

At the same instance, how can people be so annoying and irrational? How can some people just forget whatever they said/did and then critisize about others? How can some people be so ignorant about the society and world around them?

Life is as such, a wonder.

Honoured to be part of cooking team in uni dining hall, more honoured to meet the VIPs and national sepak takraw team players, even honoured to have met and worked with the incredible people.



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