Better or none

October 22, 2012 § 13 Comments

If you feel like doing something, just go ahead and never look back. Just do it and never regret about it. Live today like it’s your last day.

These phrases familiar enough?

In our everyday life, we are often faced with many obstacles. Big and small. Obstacles in which we need to make decisons sooner or later. To get over that dilemma, we turn to others for advices, sometimes just to brainstorm for any possible solution to resort to.

So, after all that ideas and brilliant opinions and strong analysis, we finally take that one memorable decision. That decision that we swore was the best and would never regret for.

Yet again, you find yourself thinking what could you have done to change that decision you took. Doesn’t matter whether it was days or years ago since that day. You still wondered if there is any better solution, perhaps something that would not have resulted in what you are facing right now.

Now, is that regret?

And you tell yourself, no it isn’t; it’s just something you wish would have been better.

Never really satisfied, that’s what most of us are. Maybe we are just lucky, till we’ve learnt the hard way.


What have I become?

October 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

A person who spends time like nobody’s business. Totally engrossed in going through every day with everything that I love to do.

Yeah that’s exactly what a teacher-to-be should be doing. Hmph!

That is the reason I can’t decide whatever title of my dissertation until now. Hooray third year! -__-

Broke my promise to update at least once every monthly. Hehe. It’s summer, and it stole every best moment and time away.

Well, it’s that easy to break a promise. That I am used to now. (:

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