The Other Side of Plymouth

May 9, 2012 § 10 Comments

Weird how we’ve never really wandered around the town after almost 2 years here, what more to realise how beautiful it turned out to be. It’s just so true that you will never appreciate someone/something’s real beauty until you discover its existance. To be honest, I’ve always regarded life here to be pretty redundant. There’s nothing much to do here, besides going to class, going to town once in a while and staying in the house complaining of the chilly days. Yesterday, we were lucky that the sun appeared when we were bringing a friend around Plymouth, so we just paid a few pounds each and hopped onto an-hour boat tour!

These are some pictures from the boat tour. (I didn’t bother bringing my camera because I thought there was nothing much to see, oh how wrong was I!) Next round, with Mum, Dad and Aunt! πŸ˜€

Plymouth is a very historical town (very much similar to Taiping with the constant rain and old citizens) with a long history since the war era. If you happen to read about this town, you would find some keywords such as port, fishing, marine, war, Sir Francis Drake, Mayflower and some other words, Our neighbouring country is France, which can be reached by a 6-hours boat tour/cruise.

I must say, this boat tour left a totally different impression about Plymouth. So pretty I could die, seriously. Peaceful and so beautiful. Pardon me for these unedited pictures. (:

Conclusion from a day of boat tour and the famous fish & chips – contented. (:

Oh, we had an overwhelming discovery too today! The national food for the UK is (very shockingly) rice and curry, more specifically tikka masala curry. Weird, no? Well that kind of explains why they have so many Indian restaurants, cheap rice bags and even Curry Nights in many restaurants. England’s national food is fish and chips though (thankfully..haha).



§ 10 Responses to The Other Side of Plymouth

  • Chen says:

    Very nice pictures and I agree with what you said, this city is absolutely peaceful and beautiful. I am a Malaysian who has just moved down to Plymouth. This is new place for me and I have to explore more. Any place of interesting in Plymouth you would recommend me to visit? πŸ™‚

    • jenyong says:

      Hello fellow Malaysian! πŸ˜€
      Well I got to say that Plymouth is beautiful at almost all of its pieces! This post was after we took a boat ride from Barbican. It’s really amazing, you can try doing that when the day turns sunny! πŸ˜€

      If you would love to see how wonderful the sea is, try going to Mount Edgecumbe. There’s occasional ferry rides there. It’s just breathtaking. A friend of mine just took me there a couple of weeks ago, and I wish I could stay there forever!

      I just got back from a 3-weeks trip yesterday, and the first thing I received was a warm greeting from the bus driver and another old lady who offered help for my luggage. That’s the beauty of Plymouth. =)

      Have you explored much of this old town? Hope you find it nice! =)

  • Chen says:

    Sure! Will make a trip to Mount Edgecumbe during my day off. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I just moved down from Nottingham a month ago, so haven’t really explore much of this old town. Is there a lot of Malaysians study/work in Plymouth?

    • jenyong says:

      Ah Nottingham is a nice city. =)

      Well I am studying TESL sponsored by government, and there are 50 of us here in Plymouth. I’ve met some other Malaysians studying and working here, but not many though. There are many Chinese around here, but most of them are from China/HK. As far as I’m concerned, Wah Tin cuisine is owned by a Malaysian (my friend works there).

  • Chen says:

    Yup it’s a nice city, and its location is really good. Easily access to London and Birmingham, and there’s a international airport near to the city.

    Wow 50 is a big number! You guys must be enjoying here since so many of you are here. Can always hangout and travel together. πŸ™‚ I been to Hakka but not Wah Tin, is the food there nice?

    • jenyong says:

      Haha..there used to be more of us. 100 of our seniors just left last year lol. Yea it’s really cool to explore everything together! =) I haven’t been to any Chinese restaurant here apart from Pan View..hahaha. Should be delicious I suppose? XD Chinese food all are lol!

  • Chen says:

    HI jenyong! Is there any Asian hairstylist or saloon around Plymouth? Or in Exeter which u aware of?

  • Chen says:

    Lol no problem! I tried to ask the others but they told go London. @@ Anyway thanks πŸ™‚ So are u starting your new semester now?

    • jenyong says:

      Haha good luck in finding then! πŸ˜€
      Yeah third year is starting after 4 months of great summer Have to really work it all up now! Sobs!

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