Goal : Easy said, but is it really done?

March 3, 2012 § 1 Comment

A goal is like oxygen and water in life; without them, we cannot survive in this world. A goal drives you towards your targets and achievements, drives the motivation in yourself, and pushes you way beyond what you thought you are capable of. A goal an be as simple as being happy, or as complicated as leading a perfect life you desire; but no matter whatever your goal is, it means the same thing for everyone – it is important to us. Our goals are all different from each other because every one of us is unique of itself; therefore working towards it brings its own experience and journey.

When we work towards our goals, we are often challenged with so many things. Tears may not be so precious anymore. Trouble may be your constant friend. Some people may not understand your goals and they criticize your efforts.  People always say the higher the expectation, the higher the disappointment. But, why would we predict disappointment before even trying enough for it, right? If we already prepare ourselves for failures, then why would we create hopes and goals in the first place, right?

A goal is a dream; something that we hope will come true. That makes us willing to face any obstacles that appear along the way and make any sacrifices we thought are worth it. There are some individuals who would go to the extent of choosing their goals over their lives. For them, giving up their goals is like giving up on life. That explains why a patient who loves playing the violin would insist on refusing an arm operation although her arm could be infected with more serious disease if immediate action is not taken.

Have you had any goals in life that you would sacrifice anything for it?

So how much had you really sacrificed for that particular goal?

You can always have more than one goal in life. Perhaps, for some people, pressure is what that keeps them improving. And sometimes, focusing on their goals keeps them immersed in their own lives; so we cannot blame them for dissolving in their own lives. It may not be of their intention to stay away from social mobility or frequent relaxation. It’s just that they are working to achieve what they aim for, to transform their dreams into reality. We choose what our individual goals are, and we are responsible for our own decisions.

We may never understand why certain people insist on doing what they love, or what they want; but it is against our right to underestimate their goals.

No matter what goals others have or how others choose to lead their life, every decision that they make deserves to be respected.

Inspired by the latest TVB drama – The Hippocratic Crush : On Call 36 Hours. So damn meaningful.


§ One Response to Goal : Easy said, but is it really done?

  • Angela says:

    Hi Jenny I especially love the quotes from the show on goals n expectations in the show n you have translate them very well too

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