The Scars of Me.

December 20, 2011 § 4 Comments

These few days, I often find myself in very unstable moods. All I often do is close my eyes, hold on tight and believe. I have always insisted on “what you see is what you believe”, but nowadays I think I am losing grip on that statement.

What if what you see isn’t everything you ought to know? And what if what you believe isn’t everything you saw?

If love is like riding a bike, then you would often be falling off and scraping your knees.

Current mood : Jinggly Christmasy! 🙂 Super excited shopping for the girls, really hoped they loved their individual gifts. Wee! Hopefully will update more about Christmas lah! Hohoho 🙂


§ 4 Responses to The Scars of Me.

  • lil j says:

    what’s up gal? suggestion…
    only believe things that make you happy..
    and think of things that make you happy..
    there’s no point to believe and think of things that make you upset…

    • jenyong says:

      Thanks pj 🙂
      I really wished i’m back at home..happy with family and u guys around all the time! But life can’t be like that forever! lol
      Try avoid thinking of things that upset me..that’s what i’ve been doing at times like this. But keeping everything to heart causes sakit hati lo..and i prefer not to say it out coz don’t want other people to feel anything..
      But yeah I agree with u, life is too short to be sad and upset right? 🙂

  • lil j says:

    yaya..dont keep hurting thought to yourself…must speak out..or at least scribbles down on wherever..
    hm..faster come back malaysia…whether taiping or kota bharu also i welcome!!…enjoy your shopping la!!miss you so much…

    • jenyong says:

      Nah i won’t be too emo..i have u guys to tell, right? XD
      Yeshh our crazy shopping times! In Taiping and Penang! Ahh i want to go homeeee..miss u more!

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