The instant blink of truth

November 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Recently, I’ve been thinking about something and I realised a fact. At times even the closest one in your life can’t even understand you. So, what’s more important is you understand yourself. And appreciate those who understand you.

That was what I told a close friend of mine today.

And that was what that hit me straight onto my face.



November 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

I think one of the most dreadful things we choose not to face is changes. Every day, we are constantly keeping up with the pace of time and the people around us. Whether we admit it or not, what we do and how we behave actually really depends on the environment surrounding us.

Some people allow themselves to be immersed completely in the things around them, because that makes them feel comfortable.

Some people allow themselves to be controlled by the things they like, because that makes them feel happy and satisfied.

Some people are too obsessed with what they think about the things around them, and consequently missing out the most important instances in their lives.

And when things start to change, most of us would react possessively towards what we used to have. Maybe it’s because we are fearful that we might lose the security we felt before. Or maybe it’s because we are fearful that we might lose the things we are currently having.

Well, all I can say is what you expect is not necessarily what you get. What you think is not necessarily what other people think. It all comes back to the fact that every individual is different.

If you want to hold back changes, then might as well you don’t move forward. 

So true.

7 months.

November 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just so funnily..when you miss someone out of random times, you tend to look back at the old conversations, trying to find the traces you had missed.

p.s. How have you been?

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