Beyond The Words

September 9, 2011 § 3 Comments

I had swimming and hiking sessions on almost every morning which keep me less curvy and more tanned throughout these three months.

I had roller coaster rides that made me realise how old I am and how extreme roller coasters have advanced since I was a kid.

I had long chats with my school teachers who inspired me so much and made me realise that I am actually going to spend the rest of my life in school.

I had plenty of cooking and eating sessions which successfully fulfilled whatever cravings I had collected. I have tried few rounds of cakes (cheesecakes and kek batik), desserts (oreo chocolate ice-cream and cupcakes), dishes (from mee rebus to ikan bakar), parties (BBQ and lok-lok) and heaps of good fruits (durians, oranges, ciku, coconut and everything else).

I had weird imaginary images flashing in my mind about what I plan to do in years to come and how I can make these dreams come true. Maybe I should stop being too laid back and skeptical about things.

As much as I sigh about being completely unproductive at home, I actually spent my hours wisely with the people whom I really wished to meet. And doing things that I wanted to.

I had such great people in my life and I can’t say how much I really appreciate their presence. Friends are for life. That’s all it needs to be, really.

I am indeed lucky. Very lucky to have Dad, Mum and the three brothers. I couldn’t possibly wished for anyone else as my family.

I realise that looking strong isn’t the same as being strong. And being in love and being in a relationship aren’t necessarily the same thing.

The “blue moon”. Things that happen in the blue moon are rare, and should not be missed. Sometimes, when these moments appear, we should stop and see what they bring. And just go for it.

After a lot of thoughts (mostly unnecessary and nonsense), I was awakened with the fact that things that change don’t mean that they are different. This distance has taught me the most important lessons in life.

And now I know that life is too short to be wasted.

p/s : My 1ooth post is given the title Beyond The Words to signify the fact that some things are not expressed by merely words. The feelings and thoughts are  beyond what is written, each bringing a different value in them.

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