The Story of Reaching Home

July 5, 2011 § 4 Comments

Finally the summer break began after our one and only paper on June 27th. The one-hour exam. We were already packing up our rooms and luggage way before the last assignment was even submitted. I would never forget this incredible anticipation of going home. So much had happened in the past months and all I dreaded of was to go home and pour it all out. The issues of moving out of campus, the issues of friendships, the issues of emotions, the so many issues.

1. The story of finding a new accommodation after summer

After weeks of quarrels and non-stop visits to the town, we have finally signed the contract with the landlord. Goodbye Marjon Student Village. Thanks for the crazily high rental charges. Thanks for revealing what a friendship is actually based on. Thanks for exposing the true characters of human beings when we need each other the most.

2. The story of getting transportation to the airport

Our bus journey was scheduled to start at 12pm and reach London Heathrow Airport at 9pm. That means we would be spending 12 hours over the night waiting for the flight. I went to the bus station office for a few times to amend the tickets and even changed for the wrong ticket accidentally. Ended up taking the same ticket in the end at a double rate. On the day of departure, we were so lucky to be allowed to drop off at the airport at 5pm. And that makes the waiting hours to be 16 hours. And the worst part of all was saying goodbye.

3. The story of being surprised on the day of arrival

After 16 hours of spending the night at the airport, 16 hours of flight and 9 hours of transit, the sight of KLIA was indeed very calming. I never expected that I would reach Taiping on the very same day I reached Malaysia. The familiar faces who greeted me in grandma’s house seemed unchanged. And I spent the first midnight at home pillow-talking to mum till dawn. And it lasted till the next night again.

4. The story of eating everything in Taiping

The weight I have lost since early this year would have returned by end of this month I swear. And I blame it all to my family and friends. It becomes worse when it is the durian season now. Sobs.

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