A Moment Like This

March 13, 2011 § 4 Comments

On a calm night like this, everyone has their story to tell. Everyone has their longing.

Someone has lost something important and is helplessly looking for it, but he doesn’t even know how he lost it. Someone fret over something that slips away, and is praying for miracles. Someone is scheming for something he is totally reluctant to do, but there isn’t much opportunities available. Someone is leading life with a mask, refusing to reveal the true identity because he is scared of what other might think of him. Someone is sleeping soundly accompanied by sweet dreams, all geared up for the beautiful day when he wakes up. Someone paints the sky with his eyes every day. Someone left his feelings somewhere, a place so hard to reach. Someone is feeling contented with what life has to offer her and lets her wishes slip away with a smile, then she sits down and starts writing it all down.

The flowers don’t weep when winter comes. Instead, they bloom all over again when spring is here. The moon never sighs when dawn approaches. Instead, it hides behind the clouds and shines again when it goes dark. The coin bank doesn’t get full in just two days. But if we continue to put coins into it everyday, it will soon be full one day. The clock doesn’t stop ticking, ever. If we just follow the rhythm instead of wishing that it stops, maybe we would be a lot more happier. We are always given less than we wanted. But it is always, all that we really need.

It is only when you witness something that you start to ponder what it really means.

What are you thinking about? I guess I would never know the answer to that.


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