Allowance : Where does it go?

October 11, 2010 § 4 Comments

Guess what I had been doing this week.

Tuesday – To town. Mutley area. Went into almost all the charity shops there. Bought a super-fluffy puppy bear. Super adorable I could sleep smiling at it. Had Subway.

Thursday – Registered at the sports centre for gym. Paid the membership fee.

Friday – To city centre. Massive shopping for dress and clothes. Bought a dress and some tops. Had McD.

Sunday – To city centre again. Planned to get a pair of boots, but mission failed. All shops closed at 4.oopm. Bought a huge Toblerone and a huge packet of Gummy Bears. Had buffet at Chinese restaurant.

Lucky thing I never collect my receipts for any of my bills. Otherwise, I would be gaping for breath when I see the total sum credited from my account.


I have a to-buy list right here.

1. Smartphone. Nokia N8 perhaps? Or Samsung Galaxy? x)

If the phone don’t have a good camera, then must get a new camera. A Canon Ixus? x))

2. Music player. Ipod perhaps? x)))

Allowance. Ahhh!


§ 4 Responses to Allowance : Where does it go?

  • jenn says:

    omg omg omg jenyong. if u dont know how to spend them, u know who to search for! (“,) muahahaha!

  • jenyong says:

    LOL jenn! if i’m going broke, can i search for the same person too? XP

  • jenn says:

    oh that of course! nobody else to search for but the same old person! trust me. i’m a gooooooood friend! XP that’s what friends are for! =) i can offer u my everything which includes comfort, moral support, professional guidance, finance advisor. financial support…? Hmmm… Haha! Just kidd! =P! U take good care of urself over there aite! 😉

  • zackmimiey says:

    very nice jen. not jen.the post.haha

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