17 September

September 17, 2010 § 3 Comments

The clock ticked 12am when I was driving home. Welcome 17 September. Glancing behind the rear mirror, I saw my friends’ cars following behind me. It was so sweet of them to escort me home as the end of farewell. I couldn’t find any sweet words to say to them, except a mere take-care and all-the-best. The birthday greeting and steamboat meal just simply meant one thing – I’m gonna miss all these after this. I wanted a happy farewell, and I guess my wish was fulfilled. I really had fun with these people. And that is the same reason my heart felt as if it is shrinking right now. I anticipated this, but now I am hoping that each second lasts a little longer than usual. Thank you so much for everything again.

Tonight I made a silent prayer. May this friendship lasts forever. And I mean forever.

Maybe I should get to bed and just stare into the darkness like yesterday.


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