Dear God

May 18, 2010 § 4 Comments

Dear God,

Thank you for today. You have pointed out something very meaningful, although it left me worrying in despair. The truth is I felt so terrible. As if I just had a mouthful of sour vinegar. I am satisfied that I did my best in today’s paper, but I started to worry the moment I came out of the examination hall. I did a very extraordinary move by disagreeing with the given statement for the novel part. It was out of no-choice decision. All I could do now is to hope that the examiners would accept the answer. At least read and evaluate my answers, please? And my answers for the poem part were inaccurate. It could cost me a whole deal of marks for that section. And I have a very slight chance to even obtain a pass in total for the paper. That thought really scared me. No I am not okay. Images of that assignment, the lecturer and this examination paper just won’t leave me alone. I think I screwed up the paper. But at least I learnt that things wouldn’t come easy. I should be more careful. And perhaps more hopeful. Thank you for letting me realize there is still something called hope.

Dear God,

Could I just make a small wish right now?


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