May 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Woke up after snoozing the alarm for 3 times. Lazily forcing myself to sit up, I was startled when I heard my phone vibrating. The Trouble Is A Friend ringtone at 6.50?! Even surprised when I saw the incoming call. My tutor. Reminded me about the session we are having later in class. It appeared that only I picked up her call. It is a public holiday today, and non-academic classes don’t really seem appealing. Haha.

Our guest was Mr Stuart Gold, the ICT lecturer of UCP MARJON. He has conducted a lot of programmes and projects in schools and colleges. Very nice fellow. Even at first encounter, he was so friendly while we were walking from the office to class. His slide presentation was simple, but simply amazing with his animated projects. He humbly referred them as computer drawings. Happy to hear that we would be having ICT lessons with him. He shared his experiences and even showed us the tour videos around the college and ICT building. Can’t wait to be there!

Presented our cultural performances. Joget Kelantan and Indian dance. Our two-days practices were paid off, hopefully. (:

The college cafe was closed down for few days (or maybe 2 weeks) due to hygiene problems. Some officers from the Health Department made a spot-check last Thursday and found that the cleanliness was not satisfactory.

My scars are not getting better. Maybe a bit better, but still f-ugly! 😦

Younger brother sent me a message asking about something, and told me he watched Iron Man 2 and Ip Man 2 yesterday. Gave me a brilliant idea of going home next weekend just to watch movie, which I would gladly accept if mum permits. Mummy, can ar? Lol.

Elder brother spoke to me in Msn, telling me that he was enjoying his sweet time at home. Eating yogurt. Going out for dinner. Fishing  me with whatever he could.

My life is so miserable! I want to go home! 😦

Been quite busy lately. Many things ran through my head, and sometimes I feel like I’m drowning.

Listening to Yiruma’s Kiss The Rain made me surprisingly relaxed. Maybe it is also because of the Johnson Baby’s aroma. Contented with life. It wasn’t that bad after all. (:

2nd May. Exactly 14 days from now. But I’m having a problem here. I should be feeling stressed by now!



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