The Awesomest Days

March 12, 2010 § 4 Comments

Gone missing for few weeks. Less online, less Facebook, less chatting. It was the time for hectic and busy weeks, and yet the most enjoyable weeks of my life. New things, new people, new insights, new experience. If only I could describe them all with words!

Days 28/2/10 – 4/3/10 : First Week of School Experience

I was placed in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kota Bharu together with three of my classmates for two weeks of School Experience. A place where everyone calls you “teacher“. The starting of our week was great, and it went on well for the rest of the week. Even though this School Experience was meant only for some observation and portfolio research initially, we were always busied with classes and activities with the students. Once, it went up to seven periods of classes in one day. Tiring! That school had different roll calls and programmes each day, so there would always be something new to see each day. I came back to room at 8.00pm every day, and couldn’t do anything much after that.  And my Facebook Friend Requests were already filled with them students’ requests in the long list to be approved.

Days 4/3/10 – 6/3/10 : Short escapade to Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu

Planning for this trip caused us some headache and intensive discussions. Finally the plan worked and we were off to the island! The five cramped ourselves into a Kancil car with all luggage bags during the 45 minutes drive to the Jetty in Besut. One of us had to sit at the other’s lap and the others holding on to those bags. Arriving at the jetty meant that our vacation was officially started. Our boat trip was the last one, because we had to wait for another group to fill the boat. The 40 minutes boat ride was extremely bumpy, due to the high tide and strong waves. Screamed and yelled all the time because it was so fast and we kept jumping off from the seats while holding on tightly to the bags.

We had the BEST of everything for the two days.

[ Photography ]

Took any possible shots, and they turned out simply awesome! I am still waiting for the copies of those memorable pictures.

[ Swimming ]

After almost 7 years abandoning swimming completely, I was pretty excited to be in water again. We were swimming like fishes for 3 days, literally. It felt so good, and I hope to learn diving someday. Even had the chance to feed the fishes from my very fingers! Hundreds of fishes would surround you once you throw any food into the water. Gardenia bread or even Nasi goreng. When we were in the water, the snorkeling instructor purposely threw the food onto our heads, and suddenly we felt so many fishes surrounding and gliding through us. Lol.

[ Truth or Dare & Charade ]

After rounds of Uno games at night, we played Truth or Dare. All the dares made us laugh non-stop, and the guys came up with the weirdest and funniest dares ever! We had great time laughing and teasing at each other since. Now I know what to challenge in Truth or Dare. Haha. Charade was damn funny, because we came up with any ridiculous and make-no-sense-at-all sentences for others to guess. At 2.00am, we started talking ghost stories to sleep. And I admitted I was practically cuddling my friend and wrapped myself in the blanket until I fell asleep. Creepy stories all have the ability to make your hair stand right up to the end.

[ Snorkeling ]

I never imagined that I would have the chance to snorkel in my whole life. The vacation package included morning and afternoon snorkeling trips. We stopped at 6 spots for snorkeling, and it were the most beautiful moments in life! Perhentian Island has the clearest water, and the best snorkeling spots at the moment. We were allowed to swim as far as we want, and explore any part of the sea. The sight of corals and fishes were superb! I wish I could snap the pictures of those creatures because I’m sure that everyone would awe in amazement. Two of the spots were the Turtle Spot and Shark Point, whereby you can see real turtles and sharks with just your snorkeling set!  Imagine swimming together with the fishes and see how they move around so smoothly below the water surface.

[ Sand-messing ]

Some of us were buried in the soft sand, just for the fun of digging and touching the sand. We met two small boys from Holand and Germany, and they both were happily running after us girls on the beach with the cheekiest grins. I missed them already, even though we were bullied pretty badly when both of them came and attacked together. We had so much of fun together and their parents were so cool to allow us joining the small monsters in punching, throwing water and smacking each other. One of the small kids grabbed my hand and refused to let go when we finally had to get ready to go home. He repeated No! a few times when I bid him goodbye. (:

[ Toasted and Burnt ]

I look like burnt shrimp on the last day. My skin went so red and I could see two-tanned colour all over. Skin started to peel off after day. But what the heck, a lil sunburn is worth the whole fun!

Gosh, I’m missing every single bits of Perhentian already!

Days 7/3/10 – 11/3/10 : Second Week of School Experience

Appeared at school with darkened face. Whole body is aching, burnt skin is aching and throat is aching. Luckily none of the teachers or students actually asked me about anything. Haha. On the last Thursday, we were sort of scolded by the school principal because we arrived at school quite late every day, due to several reasons such as the bus drivers are sometimes late and my school is usually the second last school to be sent off. So for this whole week, we took our own initiative to go to school early by private cars. Left for school at 6.38 am and arrived at 6.56am. Good teachers huh. During the whole week, we had to rush for the portfolio and individual tasks based on the School Experience, besides rushing for class meetings every afternoon. Went through a rush in compiling and settling the portfolio. I ‘ll definitely miss those memories for some reasons.

Back home at the moment. Cooked and had a haircut.

Another awesome week I suppose.

Owh. Going to Sarawak at the end of the month. (:


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