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the tiger-roaring moments

February 21, 2010 § 4 Comments

As I expected, the past one week passed so fast. Again, I’m back in Kelantan, reflecting about how Chinese New Year has treated me this year. Cruel I would say, because it refused to last.

Huge satisfying meals at grandma’s house were all so tempting. Don’t ask me what happened to my “dieting” plans. I still wonder how my aunt managed to cook for almost 30 people for 6 days. 2 meals per day. And there were at least six different dishes each meal.

Met and hanged out with usual bunch of friends every day. I summarized it into 2 skating trips, 3 Karaoke sessions, 1 bowling game, few house-visitings, 3 movies (one with cousins), some makan sessions and massive catching-ups. Also kept in touch with some old friends.

Family moments are great. Especially watching and helping my small cousins to gamble.

I’m supposed to feel guilty about not doing assignments, so I’m back in the rush to finish them.

The last chat with mum before we headed to bus station this morning taught me one thing : “It is not always about what you think. It is not always about what others think. It is always about both.”

Ah. Many interesting activities coming up for this three weeks.

The Special Post

February 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

Introducing a friend of mine, THE BIG SULKER! *drum rolls*

Mission of Kanimoli’s 21st Birthday : Make her VERY miserable and sulk. Then smash her hard and try make her cry.

So, during the midnight of 6Feb, we went on without wishing her. We just wished her from the room silently. In reply she sent me this at 2.27am : I HATE U GUYS! DIN EVEN WISH!

Asshole, why only me kena?!  It made me feel guilty u know?!

The next morning I sent her 7 long birthday messages, knowing she would curse and scold me anyhow. True enough, she called and we were pushing the phone towards each other! The moment I picked up the phone, she screamed all the way. And I put her voice on loudspeaker and just laughed.

She’s such a sulker right?

The lies and stories we told, I tell you, were unimaginable! Thank God we managed get her tell her stories from home.

Day 7Feb went on as though we completely forgot her birthday. She came back by flight in the morning, and we had 3 hours of class. With everyone wishing her, I think she was kind of sulking at the geng. She scolded us INDIVIDUALLY and was keeping quiet the whole lecture. I felt so bad when she said she was waiting for our messages at midnight that I was practically messaging Mages in class. Consoling each other and trying to act cool.

Do you know it hurts so much, when you guys don’t even bother to message me? -Kanimoli 2010-

She’s such a sulker right?

Buat tak tahu jer la..

Making people miserable makes me miserable too. Sigh.

Our plan didn’t really work out back in the room. Without saying a word, she slept. Things were already prepared in the toilet but the main character refused to go. All of us eventually slept off, after some major whispering and constructing plan B.

After waking up, we pretended to be busy with cooking. We almost screamed in delight when she finally stood up to get some water from the washroom! The toilet door was closed tight and the bash was done. I think she was too shocked until she did not hit us back, surprisingly.

Mission accomplished guys!

Day 8Feb, we were supposed to have a surprise blast again on her, this time with a senior together. In class, we took out the birthday card for the senior. And again, this girl scolded us right on the face.


She’s such a sulker right?

Hoi gila, how are we supposed to tell you we have a huge surprise for you later?!

Anyway, we managed to surprise both of them with a tiramisu cake and birthday cards. (:


Hey bloody fool, we don’t mean to NOT wish you at night itself. The whole idea of the plan was to make you as miserable as possible! I wouldn’t be in any part of the bad plan, I swear! Lol. Hope you enjoy it. You know you love us. (:

She’s such a sulker right?

And I think she’s a sucker too LOL! *hua hua hua*


February 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

Suddenly stumbled into heaps of stuff I seem to have forgotten for quite some time. A wave hit me, literally. I miss those moments. I miss the joy of participating in so many things. It was so worth it, I told myself. But, they remain only as papers now. And the bits of disappointment had not gone that far actually.

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