The Story of Carrots, Eggs and Coffee Beans

January 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

This is the story of carrots, eggs and coffee beans.

The carrots, eggs and coffee beans (ground into coffee powder) were placed in separate pots of boiling water, each for 15 minutes.

After the 15 minutes, they were taken out from the pots. The carrots became soft, the eggs became hard and the coffee powder had dissolved in the water.

The pots of boiling water are like problems we encountered in our life journey. The heat are the pain we felt. Those moments when we are heated would seem the longest moments in life, because they would be the worst moments ever.

The carrots, which are hard originally had turned soft after being poured into the pot of boiling water. You only need to press it slightly harder, and it would turn into another shape. ARE WE LIKE CARROTS IN LIFE? We grow weaker and lose the strength after facing problems? We give up to problems and surrender? We let ourselves be drained and then is heard no more?

The eggs, which are fragile originally had turned hard after being poured into the pot of boiling water. Now it is impossible to break the egg like before. ARE WE LIKE EGGS IN LIFE? We conquer all the problems and leave nothing behind? We start as someone sensitive and end up feeling-less? We turn to be hard-hearted? We learn to be stronger and protective over ourselves?

The coffee powder had dissapeared, and left behind an aromatic pot of hot coffee. Hot and delicious. It just gives you a sense of pleasure and pure satisfaction, even before you drink it. ARE WE LIKE COFFEE IN LIFE? We overcome the problems and blend in well with the surrounding? We allow ourselves to change and at the same time develop into something useful? We change something? We change someone’s life?

Which of these would you want to be?

The carrots, eggs or coffee beans?

The choice taken is always ours. Problems are part of life, and they differ from one another’s life. But they made an impact in our lives all the same.


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