New Sem

January 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

Roger roger.

Reporting from class.

Basically everything has been back to normal. Whining about being back to institute. Lectures and lecturers reminding about how final semester goes. The finals are here finally.

First day of new semester, we were greeted with more than two hours of assembly. Standing at the car park outside the hall. Hall under construction. Some long speeches from the minister and director. The dressing spot-check got so many people busted. You so should hear and see what it was all about.

Second day, officially started with sleep-at-3am habit.

Third day, suddenly realizes that so much of work is waiting. Things get worse under certain circumstances, but I can’t turn to anyone other than myself.

An overview about this semester’s life – class secretary, assistant project manager of Sarawak Trip, 2 weeks of School-Based-Experience, reports and assignments, study week, final examination, activities.

Of routine life, and what else?

Crazy times with some crazy friends are the only things that keep me going I guess.

Copy and over.


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