What’s your reaction when you’re told “class is cancelled!”?

January 27, 2010 § 4 Comments

1. WHAT?! WHY?!

2. Jump up from chair and cheer HOORAY!!

3. HI-FIVE with friend

4. Scream a long loud YEY!!

5. Dance around the class

6. Held up both hands and give a winner’s expression

7. Look up the ceiling and say GOD BLESS ME!



10. Turn to friend and ask SO CAN WE GO OUT TODAY?


12. The thinking-forward students would think SO WHEN WILL WE REPLACE THE CLASS?

I belong to no13. Because it’s my favaourite after-10- digit.

13. Sleep soundly for the whole afternoon. (:


Mood : Freaked out!

January 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

The first time of feeling dizzy and almost fainted.

When images around me started to get blurry, I almost thought I would pass out.

The thought of leaving the world. The thought of being unconscious.

I felt myself so helpless.

I thought that I had to give in and let darkness consume me.

And it totally freaked me out.


January 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Kekadang manusia adalah pelik dan sukar difahami. Saya selalu berfikir, mengapa kekadang kita mudah sahaja berasa bingung dan lemas? Salahkah jika kita memilih untuk mengutamakan sesuatu walaupun ianya mungkin tidak penting sangat? Salahkah jika kita berfikir secara mendalam sebelum mengambil keputusan supaya kita tidak menyesal kemudian? Salahkah jika kita mempunyai pendapat yang lain? Salahkah jika kita mengambil sesuatu tindakan demi kawan walaupun kita sendiri mungkin disalahfahamkan? Salahkah kita untuk menyepikan diri atas rasa bingung dan lemas?


Apabila kita tidak faham tentang sesuatu perkara, biasanya kita akan menyalahkan orang lain. Kita kata kita tahu siapa diri kita yang sebenar, tetapi kekadang kita kurang mengerti apa yang kita lakukan. Betul atau salah?


Kekadang kurasa batasan adalah sesuatu yang sangat mengganggu. Setiap tindakan ada batasannya, dan kita terikat untuk mematuhinya. Keberanian itu penting, tetapi kesederhanaan adalah lebih baik. Mengapa kekadang kita teragak-agak untuk melakukan sesuatu? Mengapa kekadang kita serba-salah untuk melakukan sesuatu? Mengapa kekadang kita berperang dengan perasaan sendiri sebelum melakukan sesuatu? Sesetengah perkara tidak boleh dinilai hanya melalui apa yang kita nampak dan rasa. Dan halangan yang terbesar adalah diri kita sendiri sebenarnya.


Manusia itu pelik, bukan?

Maksudnya aku juga pelik, begitu?

The Story of Carrots, Eggs and Coffee Beans

January 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

This is the story of carrots, eggs and coffee beans.

The carrots, eggs and coffee beans (ground into coffee powder) were placed in separate pots of boiling water, each for 15 minutes.

After the 15 minutes, they were taken out from the pots. The carrots became soft, the eggs became hard and the coffee powder had dissolved in the water.

The pots of boiling water are like problems we encountered in our life journey. The heat are the pain we felt. Those moments when we are heated would seem the longest moments in life, because they would be the worst moments ever.

The carrots, which are hard originally had turned soft after being poured into the pot of boiling water. You only need to press it slightly harder, and it would turn into another shape. ARE WE LIKE CARROTS IN LIFE? We grow weaker and lose the strength after facing problems? We give up to problems and surrender? We let ourselves be drained and then is heard no more?

The eggs, which are fragile originally had turned hard after being poured into the pot of boiling water. Now it is impossible to break the egg like before. ARE WE LIKE EGGS IN LIFE? We conquer all the problems and leave nothing behind? We start as someone sensitive and end up feeling-less? We turn to be hard-hearted? We learn to be stronger and protective over ourselves?

The coffee powder had dissapeared, and left behind an aromatic pot of hot coffee. Hot and delicious. It just gives you a sense of pleasure and pure satisfaction, even before you drink it. ARE WE LIKE COFFEE IN LIFE? We overcome the problems and blend in well with the surrounding? We allow ourselves to change and at the same time develop into something useful? We change something? We change someone’s life?

Which of these would you want to be?

The carrots, eggs or coffee beans?

The choice taken is always ours. Problems are part of life, and they differ from one another’s life. But they made an impact in our lives all the same.


January 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

Sometimes we forgot that there are people watching us. The actions we have taken.

Sometimes we forgot that we are letters read on daily basis. And in these letters, we are either the headings, the lines, the chapters, the phrases, the commas or the full-stops. Each of which is equally important.

Sometimes we forgot that there are those who take serious. What we do and think may not make a slight impact on them.

Sometimes we forgot that we have wasted a whole lot of time living a life just trying to be an image of another person. Why don’t you stop for a while when you go about filling others’ shoes, and ask yourself, “Who’s filling mine?”.

Sometimes we forgot that the power to do good lies within us, and we are bound to be affected by the same when we release it.

Sometimes we forgot that a smile bring mean a million meanings and change a thousand things.

Sometimes we forgot that life can be so beautiful and colourful, because all this while we have been messing it up.

Sometimes we forgot that little things do matter. And by the end of the day, we would be asking ourselves why haven’t we noticed them earlier.

Sometimes we forgot that time flies by if we are doing what that makes us happy. Pursuing for passion is like making a dream come true.

Sometimes we forgot that there are some questions that just don’t have any answers.

Sometimes we forgot that there is always people more unfortunate than us.

Sometimes we ignore the fact that what we sow is what we reap in life.

Sometimes. Sometimes. Sometimes.

New Sem

January 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

Roger roger.

Reporting from class.

Basically everything has been back to normal. Whining about being back to institute. Lectures and lecturers reminding about how final semester goes. The finals are here finally.

First day of new semester, we were greeted with more than two hours of assembly. Standing at the car park outside the hall. Hall under construction. Some long speeches from the minister and director. The dressing spot-check got so many people busted. You so should hear and see what it was all about.

Second day, officially started with sleep-at-3am habit.

Third day, suddenly realizes that so much of work is waiting. Things get worse under certain circumstances, but I can’t turn to anyone other than myself.

An overview about this semester’s life – class secretary, assistant project manager of Sarawak Trip, 2 weeks of School-Based-Experience, reports and assignments, study week, final examination, activities.

Of routine life, and what else?

Crazy times with some crazy friends are the only things that keep me going I guess.

Copy and over.

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