How I Spend My Christmas

December 25, 2009 § 4 Comments

I always wonder how one simple SMS could bring such a surprise and joy. Personally I prefer to SMS people, because I find it more convenient. Just type and send. And there is no such thing as “timing” for SMS. Even if the other person is busy, you would get the reply in the end, latest by one hour later. I have this major thing for calls; I usually won’t be able to answer calls on time because my phone would be somewhere else. Or I myself would be at somewhere else. And my ringtone doesn’t alert me much. Volume 1. Super soft. Haha. Yeah, I got many complaints from my friends and parents. Well isn’t it a good thing that I don’t hang on the phone much? Only sometimes. (:

Last night while hanging out with my friends, I was just thinking of dropping a message for those whom I have not met and kept in touch for a very long time. Those whose reunions I was unable to attend. Those whom I have not met for more than a year. My Mrsm teachers and my cousin. The next minute, Poof! My phone beeps twice. I was actually staring at the messages and smiling for about 20 seconds. God bless them!

First SMS was from my Mrsm sir. One of my favourite teachers. Cg Zul. It’s been a few months since I last sent him a message.

Apa kabor jeng lama tak dengar berita.

Note : He is one super cool teacher. He looks at us as his children, students and friends. His hobby and trademark was to hit everyone with anything he’s holding. Thank God most of the time he would be holding only a book in his hand. Haha. He has never taught me before but we were pretty close. He was the one who drove me and another junior to USM for the National Olympiad Mathematics Quiz, waited the whole 5 hours for us to finish the quiz and drove us back to hostel. I used to chat with him whenever we met, be it the Mathematics Department, corridors, hall or cafe. He would scream my name out loud, even if I saw him few metres away. He said “jeng” sounds nicer than “jen” and “jen yong”. How I miss those suspense-like jeng jeng jeng and the roar-like JENG! he would shout. Why do we tend to miss school-life so much?

Hehe. Saya dpt baca isihati jeng.

And every of my reply ends with Rindunya kat cg.

The second SMS was from my cousin from Sabah. A Merry Christmas text message. I heard that he was injured badly in an accident recently. I miss those times when he came back for an annual two-weeks stay at Taiping, and we would spend the days playing cards, teaching each other card tricks, playing fireworks and shopping. He and his brother plus me and my brothers. (:

My Christmas eve was amazing! We watched Avatar, caroling with Christmas hats, played at the playground at 11pm, dropped at friend’s house by surprise and sang Christmas song sharp at 12, and then ended the night with some beer. Each nine of us wore a Christmas hat the whole night, and we went around Taiping till past 1am. Spotted at Restoran Taman Tasik, Prima Cafe, Lake Gardens, Siang Malam and Flemington Hotel. The 7 hours seemed so fast, but it was a great celebration. Very spontaneous. (:

Checklist for today: Cook lunch – Buy ticket to KL – Buy a surprise cake for parents’ anniversary – Bowling (if my friends were serious about it) – Sigh about leaving Taiping.

Merry Christmas peeps! (:

Send my name to the big man in red, and remind him that I made a silent wish upon the shining star last night.


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