The Great, Long List.

December 12, 2009 § 2 Comments

It’s been 3 whole weeks of holidays, and just 3 more left. This is just another holiday post.

1. Went to Teluk Intan and stayed over at friend’s house during the first 3 days of holidays. After a year, the house still welcomed me as warmly, lol. Had great time there; lots of food and laughter, glimpses of the Menara Condong every time we passed the town, very nice family, get to know 2 crazy and funny friends, watched 2012, and a spontaneous shopping.

2. Watched 2012 (the second time) with family on the night I arrived home. It means I watched that movie 2 times in 3 days. I like it, because it carries a deep meaning. Impact-ful I would say.

3. On the night after their STPM Maths Paper 1, I joined my friends for a badminton game. It feels so good to hold the racket in the court after such a long time. It must have been a few months since I last joined them. Laughed a lot at myself, for the decreasing skills. I missed some shuttlecocks, but could only blame myself for abandoning it for so long. Missed the childhood times, when I get to challenge my brothers. (:

4. Had steamboat dinner+supper, with plenty servings of stories. The really Hot & Spicy Soup with Pearl Milk Tea and Passion Smoothie and Grated Strawberry. Wonderful. (:

5. Had lots and lots and lots of durian, rambutan and mangosteen. Definitely fruit-ful stomach.

6. Watched New Moon, and screamed over hot Jacob with friends. Honestly the “Marry me Bella” ending isn’t that irritating because if Bella got married to Edward, it means that Jacob is single! And available! LOL!

7. I  watched A Christmas Carol alone while my family watched Ninja Assasin. Still thinks the fact alone is saddening.

8. Had experience of baking cookies with Shea Yuin, Yan Ming, Jennifer and Tee Xin. The Christmas Special Cookies and Chocolate Crunch Cookies recipes turned out very well. Compliments for the first tries! (:

9. Family outing to Ipoh. Shopping at Parade and Jusco but didn’t really buy much.

10. STPM celebration – great! Joined my ex-classmates for a mini house party, 6 of us stayed over and talked the WHOLE night, had red wine at 3.30am, went Mamak shop at 7am with sleepy and tired faces. Then we went Karaoke the next few hours, lepak again and stayed over at friend’s house again. I came back home this morning and maybe some plans again later. Haha

10. Some hiking at Bukit Larut and jogging at Lake Gardens.

11. Proud to announce that I DID NOT cut my hair. Or even trim it. Bangganya saya. (:

Pathetically, no pictures taken for anything. Guess I need to develop more photograph-maniac-ism.

Is it too much if I say my holidays are boring? Lol!



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