Here it is!

December 31, 2009 § 1 Comment

Here it is!

New Year again!

Thinking of the times ahead, I’m superly excited and eager!

But then again, another part of me is dying to scream ” HEY NEW YEAR ! I TOLD YOU NOT TO COME SO FAST ! ”

p/s : I love the note i posted on Facebook today. But had great difficulty tagging it. So it was left untagged. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

p.p.s : Celebrated New Year eve watching Teen Choice’s Awards 2009 and live countdown in TV. Countdown online with a friend too.

Feeling quiet and lonely for a while.

How I Spend My Christmas

December 25, 2009 § 4 Comments

I always wonder how one simple SMS could bring such a surprise and joy. Personally I prefer to SMS people, because I find it more convenient. Just type and send. And there is no such thing as “timing” for SMS. Even if the other person is busy, you would get the reply in the end, latest by one hour later. I have this major thing for calls; I usually won’t be able to answer calls on time because my phone would be somewhere else. Or I myself would be at somewhere else. And my ringtone doesn’t alert me much. Volume 1. Super soft. Haha. Yeah, I got many complaints from my friends and parents. Well isn’t it a good thing that I don’t hang on the phone much? Only sometimes. (:

Last night while hanging out with my friends, I was just thinking of dropping a message for those whom I have not met and kept in touch for a very long time. Those whose reunions I was unable to attend. Those whom I have not met for more than a year. My Mrsm teachers and my cousin. The next minute, Poof! My phone beeps twice. I was actually staring at the messages and smiling for about 20 seconds. God bless them!

First SMS was from my Mrsm sir. One of my favourite teachers. Cg Zul. It’s been a few months since I last sent him a message.

Apa kabor jeng lama tak dengar berita.

Note : He is one super cool teacher. He looks at us as his children, students and friends. His hobby and trademark was to hit everyone with anything he’s holding. Thank God most of the time he would be holding only a book in his hand. Haha. He has never taught me before but we were pretty close. He was the one who drove me and another junior to USM for the National Olympiad Mathematics Quiz, waited the whole 5 hours for us to finish the quiz and drove us back to hostel. I used to chat with him whenever we met, be it the Mathematics Department, corridors, hall or cafe. He would scream my name out loud, even if I saw him few metres away. He said “jeng” sounds nicer than “jen” and “jen yong”. How I miss those suspense-like jeng jeng jeng and the roar-like JENG! he would shout. Why do we tend to miss school-life so much?

Hehe. Saya dpt baca isihati jeng.

And every of my reply ends with Rindunya kat cg.

The second SMS was from my cousin from Sabah. A Merry Christmas text message. I heard that he was injured badly in an accident recently. I miss those times when he came back for an annual two-weeks stay at Taiping, and we would spend the days playing cards, teaching each other card tricks, playing fireworks and shopping. He and his brother plus me and my brothers. (:

My Christmas eve was amazing! We watched Avatar, caroling with Christmas hats, played at the playground at 11pm, dropped at friend’s house by surprise and sang Christmas song sharp at 12, and then ended the night with some beer. Each nine of us wore a Christmas hat the whole night, and we went around Taiping till past 1am. Spotted at Restoran Taman Tasik, Prima Cafe, Lake Gardens, Siang Malam and Flemington Hotel. The 7 hours seemed so fast, but it was a great celebration. Very spontaneous. (:

Checklist for today: Cook lunch – Buy ticket to KL – Buy a surprise cake for parents’ anniversary – Bowling (if my friends were serious about it) – Sigh about leaving Taiping.

Merry Christmas peeps! (:

Send my name to the big man in red, and remind him that I made a silent wish upon the shining star last night.


December 23, 2009 § 3 Comments

11 days to new sem..

10 days to back to hostel..

9 days to a brand new year..

4 days to Kl-Seremban trip..

That makes it 3 more days in Taiping?!

The Wonder Ep. 2

December 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter in life. Time to be born and time to die. Time to plant and time to pluck what is planted. Time to fly and time to fall. Time to weep and time to laugh. Time to mourn and time to dance. Time to throw stones and time to gather stones. Time to keep silent and time to speak. Time to hate and time to love. Time to smile and time to tear. Time to keep and time to miss. Time to organize and time to earn. Life is all about timing.

Sometimes I feel that time is passing by, but I just couldn’t reach out my hand to stop it. It is not a machine we could operate. It’s not a system we could control. It’s not an act we could practise. It’s not a masterpiece we could build. And it’s not a rule we could break. Time that passed by are like thin smoke dissapearing into thin air. Lost and gone. Dead and gone. We could not take back what we did, yet we could not determine what will happen in the future.

I have nothing to ask for because beautiful moments never seem to last long anyway.

Ten years ago, I wished that I need not go to school anymore. Five years ago, I wished that I could turn adult at that moment. One year ago, I wished that my foundation years were canceled so that I could go overseas that very minute. But now, if you were to ask me what I wish for, it would be I just hope that time doesn’t move so fast. I don’t want that university life to come fast because I know it would end equally fast. It’s a strange thing, but when we are dreading for something and would do anything for time to slow down,  it has this habit of speeding up. I definitely know that it is ridiculous to hope for something that would never come true, but that’s why it is called a wish right?

Life is but ticking clock.

Our time in life is limited, so we should not waste it on wishing that certain things can happen. It is hurtful to know that what you wished so hard for didn’t come true. People say the more you ask for it, the more you’ll get it. I remember praying to God so that I could get good results in examinations. I remember praying to God so that I could return home safely each time I leave home. I remember praying to God so that I can be happy and healthy all the time. I remember praying to God that my family stay happy. I also remember praying to God that all my wishes would come true. Some never did. Believing in some things is good, because it means you have faith in them. But we should never let things be taken for granted. As time goes by, I have learnt and taught myself that dreams are meant for sleeping. Sweet dreams might not be so good after all, because you might woke up to find yourself smiling over an imagination of your own.

Time is free, but it’s priceless.

You can’t own it, but you can use it.

You can’t keep it, but you can spend it.

But once you’ve lost it, you will never get it back.

So, what is time then? I do not know.

The Great, Long List.

December 12, 2009 § 2 Comments

It’s been 3 whole weeks of holidays, and just 3 more left. This is just another holiday post.

1. Went to Teluk Intan and stayed over at friend’s house during the first 3 days of holidays. After a year, the house still welcomed me as warmly, lol. Had great time there; lots of food and laughter, glimpses of the Menara Condong every time we passed the town, very nice family, get to know 2 crazy and funny friends, watched 2012, and a spontaneous shopping.

2. Watched 2012 (the second time) with family on the night I arrived home. It means I watched that movie 2 times in 3 days. I like it, because it carries a deep meaning. Impact-ful I would say.

3. On the night after their STPM Maths Paper 1, I joined my friends for a badminton game. It feels so good to hold the racket in the court after such a long time. It must have been a few months since I last joined them. Laughed a lot at myself, for the decreasing skills. I missed some shuttlecocks, but could only blame myself for abandoning it for so long. Missed the childhood times, when I get to challenge my brothers. (:

4. Had steamboat dinner+supper, with plenty servings of stories. The really Hot & Spicy Soup with Pearl Milk Tea and Passion Smoothie and Grated Strawberry. Wonderful. (:

5. Had lots and lots and lots of durian, rambutan and mangosteen. Definitely fruit-ful stomach.

6. Watched New Moon, and screamed over hot Jacob with friends. Honestly the “Marry me Bella” ending isn’t that irritating because if Bella got married to Edward, it means that Jacob is single! And available! LOL!

7. I  watched A Christmas Carol alone while my family watched Ninja Assasin. Still thinks the fact alone is saddening.

8. Had experience of baking cookies with Shea Yuin, Yan Ming, Jennifer and Tee Xin. The Christmas Special Cookies and Chocolate Crunch Cookies recipes turned out very well. Compliments for the first tries! (:

9. Family outing to Ipoh. Shopping at Parade and Jusco but didn’t really buy much.

10. STPM celebration – great! Joined my ex-classmates for a mini house party, 6 of us stayed over and talked the WHOLE night, had red wine at 3.30am, went Mamak shop at 7am with sleepy and tired faces. Then we went Karaoke the next few hours, lepak again and stayed over at friend’s house again. I came back home this morning and maybe some plans again later. Haha

10. Some hiking at Bukit Larut and jogging at Lake Gardens.

11. Proud to announce that I DID NOT cut my hair. Or even trim it. Bangganya saya. (:

Pathetically, no pictures taken for anything. Guess I need to develop more photograph-maniac-ism.

Is it too much if I say my holidays are boring? Lol!

Anything can happen.

December 7, 2009 § 1 Comment

Earn as much as you can. Work as much as you can. Worry as much as you can. Cry as much as you can. Laugh as much as you can. Just don’t keep things to yourself. Just don’t be nasty to people.

A Christmas Carol was a nice movie, but I certainly don’t wish that the three spirits (either Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present or Ghost of Christmas Future) appear in front of me all of a sudden.

Well spirits, my mum would be a better victim. She got married 22 Christmases ago. (:

And the feeling of watching movie alone is so not nice. Sad case betul. Sad!

p/s: The tragedy of KB Mall is scary. I saw the news posted in Facebook so I checked out the news online. A car plunged from the third-floor car park of the shopping mall, killing two and injuring two others. Our usual hang-out place there. Creepy lor man!

These pictures don’t console me at all.

Anything can happen.


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Thank you for making me a narcissistic.

Yours truly.

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