The Wonder Ep. 1

November 28, 2009 § 2 Comments

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often do things in rush. Rush to reach a destination. Rush to complete a task. Rush to meet someone. Rush to make outshine ourselves. Rush to meet a deadline. We run after time, which leaves us struggling and gaping for breath, because time just refuses to wait for anyone. And in all these rushing, we would encounter different experiences and emotions. Before we finally attain satisfaction, we would go through a flash of anger, selfishness, hatred, egoism and resentment. Some of which made us hate and curse other people. Some made us cry and simply wish that life would end at that moment itself. Some made us feel jealous and envious towards others. If carried forward, these things end up as a fight or quarrel.

Life can be such a drama.

Too obsessed with what we want in life; we often forget the reason we lived.

Was it to obtain a good health?

Was it to earn as much wealth as we can?

Was it to reach a certain achievement and standard?

Was it to live life to the fullest?

My answer is I don’t want myself to regret in life.

I used to think that I should appreciate everything and anything that happens, be it sweet, bitter, sour, salty or even spicy because in in my opinion, everything happens for a reason. Things that happened would only remain as memories, and only those memories push us forward. They teach us to be stronger and better. This was the reason I accept things very easily. Without much questions. Now, I started to realize that everything in this world is actually balanced. To go forward, we must learn to go backward as well. “Well, it happens because it just happens” and “It is meant to be” no longer applies to everything. Sometimes, we can decide how we want things to be. Grab the opportunities when they appear. If things don’t go your way, then find the other way. Sitting down thinking about the same thing over and over again is useless. Let the sweat and tears roll down, wipe them away and then take a new, deep breath.

Do not cry over what had happened, but smile because it happened. So true. (:

I personally believe in karma. Not many incidents in life are mere coincidents. Whatever that happens to us today is the result of what we did in the previous time, if not the previous life. A good deed will be granted a goodness, and vice-versa. Some things are fated to happen, whether you believe it or not. We can only determine what we want, but none of us has the power to determine what will happen. We cannot outrun something called destiny. This is the reason we say “..with God’s will..”. I am someone who believes very strongly in luck, because I feel that I have always been blessed with luck. Maybe this is the reason I feel contented very easily. Even small and simple things can make me touched.

Today, the yoga guru mentioned something about Nirwana. The moment we feel free from anger and hatred. The moment our body is at peace and balance. The moment we feel neither restless or hopeless.

The moment we can smile and let the whole world wonder why. Lol, this one is a theory from Jen Yong herself. (:

Oh yes, have I mentioned that I have started to learn yoga? (:



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