Cases of inequality vs unluckiness

November 23, 2009 § 6 Comments

Case 1 of inequality vs unluckiness:

My brother got B for Penulisan Bahasa Malaysia paper. Not even for the killer Bahasa Cina paper. Few facts that disappoint me; he was the top scorer of his school, an all-rounder, he often represent his school for quizzes or competitions regarding BM, he usually obtained the highest marks in class, he himself was so shocked that he could only msg me right after he got the results, his teacher broke down when she gave him the results, his BM teacher told him “Kamu tetap pelajar gred A dalam hati saya” and “Kamulah satu-satunya pelajar harapan saya”. And many of his friends also experienced the same thing.

Case 2 of inequality vs unluckiness

One of my far relatives has been applying for teaching courses for 2 years, but she was not even called for interview. She got 7A’s in SPM and applied for primary school courses. As far as I understand, she already has the qualification. So, am I considered really lucky?

Case 3 of inequality vs unluckiness

Ever heard of a school having to save money and collect fund-raising just to build a new block of classes? The students were made compulsory to collect at least RM50 each. The old HuaLian-ers supported all the donations with thousands and thousands of ringgit. Finally after 20 years, a well-equipped computer lab was built last year. The following year, another 20-year fund-raising project was started in order to build a new block of classes.

Case 4 of inequality vs unluckiness

Willingly help others, but what can you do when that person starts to climb onto your head? If that person is someone elderly who comes over to your house every day? It’s starting to be annoying. Mum, say NO! (:



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