my junky stomach

November 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

Today, I managed to stuff my empty stomach with junkies. Since it was a weekend, my friend and I decided to spend the day out of the four walls of the room. Or rather the whole evening. The total of junkies we had can kill one with the excessive amount of calories in them. Sugar. Lots and lots of sugar.

Ais kacang 4 Seasons

Roti bakar marjerin dan gula

Waffle chocolate and peanut butter

Marrybrown’s large Mirinda Strawberry

Large French Fries (shared)

Marrybrown’s Chicken Porridge (shared)

All in just 5 hours.

Tomorrow my class is invited to an open house by one lecturer. Makan-makan again. (:

p/s : Both of us tried a top each, together in one fitting room. Nice, but we didn’t buy them.

One more week to go. Still stuck here with classes.



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