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Curious over my blog title? Lol. It actually stands for Kursus Kepimpinan Manik Kayu Pengakap Muda & Pengakap Kanak-Kanak. For the last 4 days, I was attending a Scouts camping as part of our uniform body syllabus this semester. It’s a camping course as part of the qualification to be a uniform body adviser. From the 175 participants, there were 81 Scouts members, of which 27 of us were Pengakap Muda and the remaining were our Semester 4 seniors taking up Pengakap Kanak-Kanak. The 4 days were extremely enjoyable, packed with activities till midnight. Like any other camping, this means no rest and having to bear with the lack of everything there. This camping was held at Kem Etno-Botani, Gua Musang, Kelantan which was approximately 5 hours from Kota Bharu. It is a PLKN resort, so our campsite could only be at the hilly areas surrounding it.

Everything was about strict discipline and rules. A whistle from far means running towards it in the nearest one minute. Every morning we had a formal campsite inspection and evaluation by the trainers, whereby we had to build our own gadgets for belongings and empty the tents before the uniform outfit check. Throughout the whole camping, we were supplied with a logbook each, which was evaluated on the last day. The evaluations consist of both group and individual evaluations, and everyone would be tested on the skills and knowledge of being a Scouts.

Cheers to the sleepless nights; blinking aimlessly in the tent while listening to the raindrops. Cheers to the midnight baths; walking 500m to the nearest washroom with a pail and torchlight because the light from bulbs every 100m were not enough. Cheers to the jungle-trekking and cave-exploring; holding on to rocks and hands up the slippery path and sliding down steep angles; crossing through the thigh-level water; stepping on mud. Cheers to the first-time experiences; putting up the Malaysia flag and being the commander for marching among my group; acting psycho in front of 81 people. Cheers to the part I love the most – pioneering session; building models using chopsticks, sate sticks and thread with only the tying methods in scouting. Cheers to the fun Malam Kebudayaan; each group was required to perform and we were cheering the whole night. Cheers to the wonderful tents which protected us from rain and shine. Cheers to the activities; all we are left with now were just the memories and ache.

Today’s 5 hours of doing nothing in class doesn’t help at all. Everyone was pretty snappy because of the exhaustion and boredom. We were just a bunch of people doing absolutely nothing; watching movies, singing songs, messing with laptops, sleeping. All for a pelepasan day but compulsory to be in class.

I remember taking up Pengakap as my uniform body back in primary school, and I just couldn’t stop myself from missing those childhood memories.

So yeah, I am now officially a qualified Scouts adviser! Sekali berpengakap terus berpengakap! (:

I can’t turn off my camping mood yet, because there will be another one next week. Our class activity for this semester. 5 days from now. Just wish me luck again ok?


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