I Have A Confession to Make.

October 12, 2009 § 2 Comments

Okay. I am very IMPRESSED of myself. I have been updating quite frequent. Big wow. The mood of blogging seems to pop up quite often, though i am actually kind of lazy to write much. Many things happened, and time seemed to pass by real fast. Sometimes I would be opening this page before i sleep, but I would end up closing it empty anyway. Drafts would be left drafts anyway, so I never made the effort of saving any. Days after days, and in just a blink, it’s already October. This week I’m going home. Again. Weehee~

Okay. What was I doing here again? Oh ya. It has been a great day today. Really. First of all, I have a confession to make. I did something today. Something to do with laziness. Something to do with breaking the rules. Something to do with weekly routine. It is not something nice or something I should or can be proud of. Well, maybe something bad. Alright, here it goes. I did not go to the perhimpunan today. The compulsory perhimpunan held at the hall weekly. Okay, that may not sound that bad, but right here, right now, it is definitely bad. An assembly is part of a teacher’s life. It is definitely compulsory for a teacher to attend the assembly, if not organise it.A teacher should give no excuses to things like this.

No, I’m not a teacher. *squints eyes*

At least I spent the two hours of perhimpunan with some beneficial work. Facebooked, checked mail, read today’s news and searched for some info for group presentation. Cleaned the room and packed my bag. Printed my assignment to be submitted. Then, at 10.25am, I headed to class. Only to find out that today’s 4 hours lectures were all canceled. Lecturers were absent from the college. There isn’t a need to substitute any class, so that simply means we do not have class the whole day! Absolutely fabulous. Submitted the assignment and then headed back to hostel.

Well, I told you I am a good child, right? *pulls out tongue*

Back in the room, we all sat down on the floor and began on another assignment. It is a take-home grammar quiz. The name is so cute, but its contents may turn out not so cute after all. I have completed one part of the assignment, so I was helping my friends with their advertisements and sentences. And we all dozed off at 1.00pm. I did not realise that I had two hours of nap until I heard the wind caused some noise outside the room. And the next second, I was running up my room to save my clothes.

Bahagia right? I tahu. Haha~

I have another confession to make. I feel lucky to have my geng of friends with me. My sisters. We were basically very proud of ourselves today. We managed to conquer the battle against grammar! The four hours of non-stop struggling definitely drained us out, because it was as though our brain juices were squeezed dry. The second part seemed easier than the first one, but it took twice the amount of time to complete it. We were lucky to crawl out of it alive, and happily too. No wonder it is called take-home quiz.

Who says grammar is not dangerous?

At 8.30pm, after the laptops were finally shut down happily, we walked out for dinner. Needed to destress and regain the energy used. About 1.5km to a chinese shop opposite UMK. In the rain. Whoever who spotted four creatures with umbrellas walking along the road, I advise you to stop honking and offering a lift. It could be so disturbing at times. Today, someone stopped his car and offered us a ride. What would you do when a stranger offer something to you? The safest way is to say no. That man looked so kind. Quite old. Thin. Bald. Brand new car. Smiling. Insist on offering a lift. With a cheeky grin.

Kind offers are not to be trusted.

And so, we walked another 1.5km back after dinner. Wait,  it was my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reached hostel at about 10.30pm. And here I am again, phobia of sleeping late.

p/s : I love tom365.com. It’s so easy to download movies from there. But the subtitles are all in Chinese. But who cares, it has made downloading movies my favourite pastime! And I love the internet connection in my friend’s room. Broadband connection stable. College wireless connection excellent. Which is the complete opposite of mine. So jealous.

p.p.s : The scars are getting better! (:



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