The Bash Was Done!

October 7, 2009 § 3 Comments

Had a great time bashing my friend’s birthday last night. Among us, only she would be bashed up every time. Both years, last year and this year too. All would be started with –> an emergency phone call about one of the geng being sick and injured –> she running all the way from her block at 12.20am –> we waiting at the third floor stairs with the widest grin –> she screaming when we pulled her to the toilet –> a big pail of water poured onto screaming birthday girl –> a generous amount of Ginvera shower creme and Enchanteur powder last year, upgraded to baking powder and eggs this year –> we washed her up with two huge pails of water and laughing madly because she would be shivering –> some nagging and cursing –> a feast in the room. Pretty normal kind of bash, but a great opportunity to mess people up. Hehe.

We had this function in the hall before that, a public speaking contest among Teslians, which ended at around 11.30pm, and it was quite a rush for us because we need to settle the stuffs we bought earlier. We managed to buy everything without her suspecting anything, right before running to the hall for the function. Half the energy gone by just shouting and cleaning up the toilet, and another half for bathing and washing the powdered clothes at 1.30am.

Well, 21st birthdays are celebrated only once. (:

Don’t you just love us sakai?

ended up with baking powder tooI’m definitely not the culprit. Definitely.

For lunch, we prepared a whole heap of food; fried kuey teow, mashed potato and cabbage. After a satisfying Kit-Kat ice-cream each.Yums!

Then, after class today, we were watching a movie when it started raining. And then this crazy idea just popped up. Three of us, all still with Punjabi suits worn to class, ran down the ground floor and started jumping in the rain. Shouting, cheering, laughing and sitting under the rain. We even invited anyone who came out of their rooms and anyone who passed by to join, but all of them refused. Tak faham why they don’t want. LOL. Even rushed to the toilet for more water to be splashed. Snapped some pictures and we went up after we were soaked wet. Very satisfying and fun. Yes, we love rain!

usI don’t know these people. Who are they?

Great way to end the day. LDEV assignment presentation done. SS assignment reflection done. One more report survey and one more reflection and two more tests to go. Camping lagi.



§ 3 Responses to The Bash Was Done!

  • hyde says:

    ya, i love all u sakai…
    Happy birthday jen..hahah a re-wish version…
    n well done for MOV…..

    • jenyong says:

      haha..we love u too sakai..
      miss u la..if u were here, we would haf forced u down da hostel n play together!haha
      thanks for da treat eh? šŸ˜›
      btw, so sorry can’t provide u wif din turn out well..hope u saw da pics in fb.hehe

  • hisham hensem says:

    hi jy..epi besday..
    kamu dah besar ler..
    xsangka dah berumur ler..
    anyway, enjoy ur day..
    mish ya..muax..

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