things change

October 5, 2009 § 2 Comments

I was browsing through my pictures in Facebook, only to come to realise that how fast time seems to fly away. As i go through one picture after another, it struck my mind that i have changed a bit. Well, quite. Changed in so many aspects that i started to think about the changes i have been going through in the past years. The photos of secondary school life, and even Standard 1 picture never fail to make me laugh and shout “Oh my God! Look at that!”. Those funny, innocent faces clearly reflects that school is the best place in the world. Now that uniform life is over, i could proudly say that i miss those moments of life. How easy time has brought wrinkles and white hair, literally, and leave us moaning about those memorable times. It is always a pleasure to see the most unwanted pictures, and then scream over it, smashing your friend for keeping it, and yet you shared the longest laugh and urged your friend for more pictures like that. That’s the beauty of surprises and friendship.

I definitely do not belong to those who snap pictures as memories, and i started to regret about that. Photographs could bring a million things that words could not describe. A moment which is snapped with a click means that the particular moment is frozen so that we could look and think about it some time later in life. And we depend on these pictures to see the things which changed over the time. Perhaps you would then realise that your childhood is always the most enjoyable, or your school life is always the most nerd-ous, or your circle of friendship is always the most colourful, or some moments remain the most meaningful.

See where technology has take us to, i remember having to write a list of pictures we would like to have, and buy a whole load of them to be kept in those big, thick albums in the display cupboard. But now, it has be a lot easier. All you have to do is to get a soft copy of the pictures and the next moment you start tagging them in Facebook. And that is how the world has endless communication.

Well, it’s a good thing right? Things change.

I hereby proudly announce that it has been one week since i last managed to sign in my msn and ym messenger. Congratulate me, thanks to the sucky connection nowadays. Maybe the internet line gets confused about which room it should enter since everyone seems to be using the Broadband now. One fun part of online is gone. I think i deserve some comfort and sympathy, don’t i?



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