October 3, 2009 § 6 Comments

There is this quotation in life; the more you do, the more you earn. Some people believe that we will gain something in return for the things that we do. Some people claim that we deserve something in return for the things we do. Some people say that others judge the things we do and recognise them.

Frankly speaking, i don’t know whether i agree with the statements. I have always told myself that everything happens for a reason, but some things just don’t fit in the place and time sometimes. No matter how much you tried, Lady Luck might not be smiling on you. You wish for the best to turn out, but sadly the ending might be the one you least expected. And all that you could do is to tell yourself to smile and be contented with what you earned. Because something is better than nothing at all. You may think that you deserve more and better, but when nothing else seems to come your way, maybe that was the time you learn that things are meant to happen that way. Be it fate or destiny, you can’t fight things off so easily. Life is not always fair.

Face the fact, there are selfish people who just come to you for interests. When they have no other people to turn to when they face difficulties, they come and complain to you. When they have no other people to ask for help, they make up a smile and say the word “please”. Well, yeah, i am always in those kind of situations when i have to say yes instead of no even though my heart is pulling me not to.

* * * * *

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Happy Lantern Festival! Happy Mooncake Festival! Got two complete forwarded sms in Chinese from two sweet friends, which i replied in English. Hehe.

No lantern for me. No mooncake for me. Kesian je. Huhu.

But at least I saw the full moon right? (:



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