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Curious over my blog title? Lol. It actually stands for Kursus Kepimpinan Manik Kayu Pengakap Muda & Pengakap Kanak-Kanak. For the last 4 days, I was attending a Scouts camping as part of our uniform body syllabus this semester. It’s a camping course as part of the qualification to be a uniform body adviser. From the 175 participants, there were 81 Scouts members, of which 27 of us were Pengakap Muda and the remaining were our Semester 4 seniors taking up Pengakap Kanak-Kanak. The 4 days were extremely enjoyable, packed with activities till midnight. Like any other camping, this means no rest and having to bear with the lack of everything there. This camping was held at Kem Etno-Botani, Gua Musang, Kelantan which was approximately 5 hours from Kota Bharu. It is a PLKN resort, so our campsite could only be at the hilly areas surrounding it.

Everything was about strict discipline and rules. A whistle from far means running towards it in the nearest one minute. Every morning we had a formal campsite inspection and evaluation by the trainers, whereby we had to build our own gadgets for belongings and empty the tents before the uniform outfit check. Throughout the whole camping, we were supplied with a logbook each, which was evaluated on the last day. The evaluations consist of both group and individual evaluations, and everyone would be tested on the skills and knowledge of being a Scouts.

Cheers to the sleepless nights; blinking aimlessly in the tent while listening to the raindrops. Cheers to the midnight baths; walking 500m to the nearest washroom with a pail and torchlight because the light from bulbs every 100m were not enough. Cheers to the jungle-trekking and cave-exploring; holding on to rocks and hands up the slippery path and sliding down steep angles; crossing through the thigh-level water; stepping on mud. Cheers to the first-time experiences; putting up the Malaysia flag and being the commander for marching among my group; acting psycho in front of 81 people. Cheers to the part I love the most – pioneering session; building models using chopsticks, sate sticks and thread with only the tying methods in scouting. Cheers to the fun Malam Kebudayaan; each group was required to perform and we were cheering the whole night. Cheers to the wonderful tents which protected us from rain and shine. Cheers to the activities; all we are left with now were just the memories and ache.

Today’s 5 hours of doing nothing in class doesn’t help at all. Everyone was pretty snappy because of the exhaustion and boredom. We were just a bunch of people doing absolutely nothing; watching movies, singing songs, messing with laptops, sleeping. All for a pelepasan day but compulsory to be in class.

I remember taking up Pengakap as my uniform body back in primary school, and I just couldn’t stop myself from missing those childhood memories.

So yeah, I am now officially a qualified Scouts adviser! Sekali berpengakap terus berpengakap! (:

I can’t turn off my camping mood yet, because there will be another one next week. Our class activity for this semester. 5 days from now. Just wish me luck again ok?

I am..

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.. falling back to reality,


and broken into pieces.

m y m a m, xoxo


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I came up with a random analogy.

I have an umbrella which I like very much. It’s long and slim, and white in colour. It’s as beautiful as a beautiful woman. Slim and long, tender legs; fair and smooth, flawless skin. I take care of it as though it was my love. But as time goes by, I started to wonder why I fell in love with it at the first place. Its white colour changed to yellow. Its long body does not bring convenience, as compared to fold-able umbrella. I tried to make use of it as frequent as possible by bringing it out on rainy days. But, my heart is already whispering something. I started to wonder whether I should throw the umbrella and buy a new one or keep using it. After so many years, I still love it, for all the services it has done. So, in order to avoid myself from feeling guilty,  I tried to dispose it without throwing it as trash. Whenever I brought the umbrella, I purposely leave it behind. Wherever I can; the restaurant, bus-stop, shopping mall. But it just wouldn’t let me. There is sure to be some angelic and responsible people who noticed it and came running to this owner. One time after another, this umbrella of mine would always return to me as though there is fate between us. One question struck me; is this umbrella bothering me? Why am I still keeping it? What is it that stops me from throwing it away? I promised myself that I won’t get a new umbrella unless I get rid of this one. And so, our life together continues. It continued protecting me in both rain and shine. One day, when I least expected it, the umbrella went missing. I should be feeling happy and relieved then, but it shocked me that I was actually running all around the town searching for it. I went to the restaurant, the book shop, the cafe, but there was no sign of my white umbrella. A question struck me; why am I feeling sad now? Finally it’s gone, and good news is it’s gone without my intention. But there is something that is pulling my heart. Something that insisted that I find it back. I found the lost umbrella in the cinema. It was there, waiting for me with its long, sulky face. It just ripped my heart that I immediately took it away with me. Maybe I wasn’t ready for a farewell. Maybe it’s just not the suitable time yet. Actually, looking at this incident from another point of view, maybe it really is a good news that I did not lose the umbrella after all. Perhaps if I did not make the effort to find it back, I would be burst up with regret and disappointment. Perhaps I won’t realise how much I loved it, and how much it really meant to me. When we like something, it is true that we would enjoy it very much. No matter how it has changed, or whether there are any better choices available.

Nobody wants to be in the ball of regret and disappointment. Nobody wants to have a life having to remember something which we wished happened the other way.

Ever had the feeling of  wanting to give up on something, but yet you still feel that you could put on some effort on it?

Ever wished for a miracle when you know that things are realistic?

Ever hesitated to throw your old stuff away although you already have its replacement?

We know that some things are meant to be, and some are not. In trying to find out more, we would often end up entangled with some emotions and memories. Sometimes we wished some things never happened, but from another perspective, some things made you strong and keep you going. So, some of us chose to go with the flow. No rush, no expectation. Because the more the expectation, the more the disappointment.

And some things go so far that we’ll bury it in a hole so deep.

I Have A Confession to Make.

October 12, 2009 § 2 Comments

Okay. I am very IMPRESSED of myself. I have been updating quite frequent. Big wow. The mood of blogging seems to pop up quite often, though i am actually kind of lazy to write much. Many things happened, and time seemed to pass by real fast. Sometimes I would be opening this page before i sleep, but I would end up closing it empty anyway. Drafts would be left drafts anyway, so I never made the effort of saving any. Days after days, and in just a blink, it’s already October. This week I’m going home. Again. Weehee~

Okay. What was I doing here again? Oh ya. It has been a great day today. Really. First of all, I have a confession to make. I did something today. Something to do with laziness. Something to do with breaking the rules. Something to do with weekly routine. It is not something nice or something I should or can be proud of. Well, maybe something bad. Alright, here it goes. I did not go to the perhimpunan today. The compulsory perhimpunan held at the hall weekly. Okay, that may not sound that bad, but right here, right now, it is definitely bad. An assembly is part of a teacher’s life. It is definitely compulsory for a teacher to attend the assembly, if not organise it.A teacher should give no excuses to things like this.

No, I’m not a teacher. *squints eyes*

At least I spent the two hours of perhimpunan with some beneficial work. Facebooked, checked mail, read today’s news and searched for some info for group presentation. Cleaned the room and packed my bag. Printed my assignment to be submitted. Then, at 10.25am, I headed to class. Only to find out that today’s 4 hours lectures were all canceled. Lecturers were absent from the college. There isn’t a need to substitute any class, so that simply means we do not have class the whole day! Absolutely fabulous. Submitted the assignment and then headed back to hostel.

Well, I told you I am a good child, right? *pulls out tongue*

Back in the room, we all sat down on the floor and began on another assignment. It is a take-home grammar quiz. The name is so cute, but its contents may turn out not so cute after all. I have completed one part of the assignment, so I was helping my friends with their advertisements and sentences. And we all dozed off at 1.00pm. I did not realise that I had two hours of nap until I heard the wind caused some noise outside the room. And the next second, I was running up my room to save my clothes.

Bahagia right? I tahu. Haha~

I have another confession to make. I feel lucky to have my geng of friends with me. My sisters. We were basically very proud of ourselves today. We managed to conquer the battle against grammar! The four hours of non-stop struggling definitely drained us out, because it was as though our brain juices were squeezed dry. The second part seemed easier than the first one, but it took twice the amount of time to complete it. We were lucky to crawl out of it alive, and happily too. No wonder it is called take-home quiz.

Who says grammar is not dangerous?

At 8.30pm, after the laptops were finally shut down happily, we walked out for dinner. Needed to destress and regain the energy used. About 1.5km to a chinese shop opposite UMK. In the rain. Whoever who spotted four creatures with umbrellas walking along the road, I advise you to stop honking and offering a lift. It could be so disturbing at times. Today, someone stopped his car and offered us a ride. What would you do when a stranger offer something to you? The safest way is to say no. That man looked so kind. Quite old. Thin. Bald. Brand new car. Smiling. Insist on offering a lift. With a cheeky grin.

Kind offers are not to be trusted.

And so, we walked another 1.5km back after dinner. Wait,  it was my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reached hostel at about 10.30pm. And here I am again, phobia of sleeping late.

p/s : I love tom365.com. It’s so easy to download movies from there. But the subtitles are all in Chinese. But who cares, it has made downloading movies my favourite pastime! And I love the internet connection in my friend’s room. Broadband connection stable. College wireless connection excellent. Which is the complete opposite of mine. So jealous.

p.p.s : The scars are getting better! (:

The Bash Was Done!

October 7, 2009 § 3 Comments

Had a great time bashing my friend’s birthday last night. Among us, only she would be bashed up every time. Both years, last year and this year too. All would be started with –> an emergency phone call about one of the geng being sick and injured –> she running all the way from her block at 12.20am –> we waiting at the third floor stairs with the widest grin –> she screaming when we pulled her to the toilet –> a big pail of water poured onto screaming birthday girl –> a generous amount of Ginvera shower creme and Enchanteur powder last year, upgraded to baking powder and eggs this year –> we washed her up with two huge pails of water and laughing madly because she would be shivering –> some nagging and cursing –> a feast in the room. Pretty normal kind of bash, but a great opportunity to mess people up. Hehe.

We had this function in the hall before that, a public speaking contest among Teslians, which ended at around 11.30pm, and it was quite a rush for us because we need to settle the stuffs we bought earlier. We managed to buy everything without her suspecting anything, right before running to the hall for the function. Half the energy gone by just shouting and cleaning up the toilet, and another half for bathing and washing the powdered clothes at 1.30am.

Well, 21st birthdays are celebrated only once. (:

Don’t you just love us sakai?

ended up with baking powder tooI’m definitely not the culprit. Definitely.

For lunch, we prepared a whole heap of food; fried kuey teow, mashed potato and cabbage. After a satisfying Kit-Kat ice-cream each.Yums!

Then, after class today, we were watching a movie when it started raining. And then this crazy idea just popped up. Three of us, all still with Punjabi suits worn to class, ran down the ground floor and started jumping in the rain. Shouting, cheering, laughing and sitting under the rain. We even invited anyone who came out of their rooms and anyone who passed by to join, but all of them refused. Tak faham why they don’t want. LOL. Even rushed to the toilet for more water to be splashed. Snapped some pictures and we went up after we were soaked wet. Very satisfying and fun. Yes, we love rain!

usI don’t know these people. Who are they?

Great way to end the day. LDEV assignment presentation done. SS assignment reflection done. One more report survey and one more reflection and two more tests to go. Camping lagi.

things change

October 5, 2009 § 2 Comments

I was browsing through my pictures in Facebook, only to come to realise that how fast time seems to fly away. As i go through one picture after another, it struck my mind that i have changed a bit. Well, quite. Changed in so many aspects that i started to think about the changes i have been going through in the past years. The photos of secondary school life, and even Standard 1 picture never fail to make me laugh and shout “Oh my God! Look at that!”. Those funny, innocent faces clearly reflects that school is the best place in the world. Now that uniform life is over, i could proudly say that i miss those moments of life. How easy time has brought wrinkles and white hair, literally, and leave us moaning about those memorable times. It is always a pleasure to see the most unwanted pictures, and then scream over it, smashing your friend for keeping it, and yet you shared the longest laugh and urged your friend for more pictures like that. That’s the beauty of surprises and friendship.

I definitely do not belong to those who snap pictures as memories, and i started to regret about that. Photographs could bring a million things that words could not describe. A moment which is snapped with a click means that the particular moment is frozen so that we could look and think about it some time later in life. And we depend on these pictures to see the things which changed over the time. Perhaps you would then realise that your childhood is always the most enjoyable, or your school life is always the most nerd-ous, or your circle of friendship is always the most colourful, or some moments remain the most meaningful.

See where technology has take us to, i remember having to write a list of pictures we would like to have, and buy a whole load of them to be kept in those big, thick albums in the display cupboard. But now, it has be a lot easier. All you have to do is to get a soft copy of the pictures and the next moment you start tagging them in Facebook. And that is how the world has endless communication.

Well, it’s a good thing right? Things change.

I hereby proudly announce that it has been one week since i last managed to sign in my msn and ym messenger. Congratulate me, thanks to the sucky connection nowadays. Maybe the internet line gets confused about which room it should enter since everyone seems to be using the Broadband now. One fun part of online is gone. I think i deserve some comfort and sympathy, don’t i?


October 3, 2009 § 6 Comments

There is this quotation in life; the more you do, the more you earn. Some people believe that we will gain something in return for the things that we do. Some people claim that we deserve something in return for the things we do. Some people say that others judge the things we do and recognise them.

Frankly speaking, i don’t know whether i agree with the statements. I have always told myself that everything happens for a reason, but some things just don’t fit in the place and time sometimes. No matter how much you tried, Lady Luck might not be smiling on you. You wish for the best to turn out, but sadly the ending might be the one you least expected. And all that you could do is to tell yourself to smile and be contented with what you earned. Because something is better than nothing at all. You may think that you deserve more and better, but when nothing else seems to come your way, maybe that was the time you learn that things are meant to happen that way. Be it fate or destiny, you can’t fight things off so easily. Life is not always fair.

Face the fact, there are selfish people who just come to you for interests. When they have no other people to turn to when they face difficulties, they come and complain to you. When they have no other people to ask for help, they make up a smile and say the word “please”. Well, yeah, i am always in those kind of situations when i have to say yes instead of no even though my heart is pulling me not to.

* * * * *

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Happy Lantern Festival! Happy Mooncake Festival! Got two complete forwarded sms in Chinese from two sweet friends, which i replied in English. Hehe.

No lantern for me. No mooncake for me. Kesian je. Huhu.

But at least I saw the full moon right? (:

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