cuti Raya mood

September 17, 2009 § 2 Comments

1. Down with running nose. Nose slightly blocked and I’m starting to sneeze continuously. Tissues and more tissues. Damn irritating. Well, one has to pay for the things she has done. Went to bazar just now and we were all caught in sudden rain. Ran in the pouring rain all the way towards the hypermarket, just to find out that the rain stopped not long after that. All of a sudden too. Then, after finishing our keropok lekor and tea, we had some time screaming and splashing each other with pails of water in the hostel toilet. Got all soaked up. Damn gila. (: Just because there weren’t many people left in the hostel. Why do others get to go back earlier all the time?

2. Printing out some sudoku puzzles from the net. My addiction of this semester. I have found myself a new favourite pastime which keeps me entertained in class; when lectures are postponed, lecturers are late, while waiting for people, and when some lecturers made me sleepy in class. Hehe. I assure you, sudoku is best done with mp3 in your ears. Damn cun. (:

3. Having play practice every single day. Facing the hall every single day. It’s making everyone tired and exhausted, plus moody and conflict-ous most of the time. The nightmare of locking the hall and walking back to hostel at 12.25am has officially started. During today’s practice, I was actually reading out the lines said by my fellow actor friends up the stage. I think I am already immuned to the script.

4. I am very determined to finish the Desperate Housewives DVDs tonight. No it’s incomplete, only up to season 4. Few more episodes to go.

5. Oh yes, it’s time to go home! Bus tonight. I wonder how does a bas tambahan look like. Expecting to reach Butterworth around 4 to 5am, then catch the first bus back to Taiping. Long journey ahead. I’m getting sick of bus journeys. Sobs. Do I get to complain?



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