Can I not go?

August 28, 2009 § 2 Comments

Summary of my holiday update part 2.

1. Hiking and cycling

Only managed to go hiking at Bukit Larut twice this week. Every morning also get Today can’t go again sms. Rain oh rain! I seriously had forgotten the feeling of hiking. The strength and energy needed. The tiredness during the activity. God, I was really forcing my legs to climb up the way among the tree roots on my first re-united hike. I know I was extremely slow but I just couldn’t move faster. Damn lenguh. Itu lah, two months without much exercise. The second one was better, and a bit less tiring. Haha. Due to rain, no more hiking after that. My last cycling was like few years ago, so you can imagine how great I felt when I cycled again this time. I think I was sighing with satisfaction during the whole 25 minutes. Hehe.

2. Shopping

On Thursday, I was out the whole day with family. Shopping. Actually, the aim was to repair my broadband simcard, which often caused me depression recently. But the Celcom booth in Tesco was unable to fix that problem. So, we had to go to the Celcom center in Kamunting. Meanwhile, shopping sekejap at Sentral. My intention was to buy a pair of shoes for my daily use to class. Maybe a not-heels for convinience. But ended up buying 2 pairs of sandals. Closed sandals. For home use. Hehe. Tried on two different pairs of wedges (which has been in wishlist for a very long time) but then spotted a flat sandal which looked more adorable. Turned out to be a better choice too. Left the shop happily. Yet, I can still be tempted by another shoe shop. Mum sponsored the second one, because she bought a pair too. *love* At night, I followed mum and dad out again since both my brothers were at tuition. Saw another nice heels which I like. But didn’t buy lah. Control. Haha.

3. Eating and hanging out

Went to Old Town with mum and youngest brother for lunch. Shared nasi lemak rendang ayam, butter-kaya toast and orange yoghurt smoothies with mum. Sedap! *thumbs up* At home, cooked mee rebus once, made kaya twice and baked chocolate cake twice. Ate roti tisu for the first time. Mum’s fruit juices every day. Dad’s pisang goreng. Today, went to my friend’s house for a while. Went out to Sushi King for lunch. Tasted their ice-creams. Sedap! Hehe. Then, went to a shop which I never knew its existance for a big plate of fruits. Ate at both places in just one hour and a half. Wow.

4. Movie

Watched Up. Very funny, sad and meaningful. Cute. Nice movie (:

The roads are quite busy today. I suspect it is due to the Merdeka celebration holidays. Sobs.

Kelantan, here I come!*turning on pack bag mode*

Can I not go?



§ 2 Responses to Can I not go?

  • SengYee says:

    kaka.. nasi lemak rendang ayam, butter-kaya toast and orange yoghurt smoothies mee rebus, made kaya chocolate cake twice.roti tisu . Mum’s fruit juices Dad’s pisang goreng.Sushi King ice-creams.
    u ate a lot leh..
    make me feel so hungry for my supper..
    jz accept the fact u nid to go back..

  • jenyong says:

    well, holidays is all about eating!ganti back all the “poor food”

    can i not go?
    can i?
    btw, i’m back ady lo.haiz

    hey..any interest to view da previous post?hehe..juz buzz me for da password lo.haha

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