suey betul!

August 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

Nama : Khor Jen Yong

Kesalahan : Tiada plat P di kenderaan

Kompaun : Bayar dalam tempoh sebulan

The main character is me lah, of course. =.=”

This morning my family wanted to go pray for my late grandpa. Since we can only bring vegetarian food into the temple, we went to a famous vegetarian shop in town to buy some dishes. As usual, I was the one driving lah. Siok ma. Hehe. The car with plat P was at grandma’s house, so I pun drive la Wira. Which ain’t got a P in it.

Bought 3 dishes. Cost RM11. Agak mahal lor. Talking sambil talking, I turned into the junction beside the hospital. Tengok tengok ada sekatan JPJ di sana. Aduhai. No plat P. Sure kena liao.

That masked JPJ officer asked for my lesen. P ah? Drive tepi sana. Then, I get down the car, walked towards the queue and signed the warrant slip lor.

I only drive several times a year wor. Always got the P car, this car memang didn’t put P ma. Haih. Suey betul.

I thought kesalahan tidak meletak plat P will only get you some demerit marks? Also got denda kompaun ar? Should have told grandpa about this. Maybe it’s a blessing from him. Heh.

Aduhai. My lesen P is finishing in another 6 months. Aduhai.

And so, I terus drive to a shop and buy two P stickers. Puas hati now. Huh.

What a mood destroyer! Bleks! >.<“



§ One Response to suey betul!

  • SengYee says:

    at least i never so suey yet..
    jz met with a small small accident and tayar pancit..
    is that suey..

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