Holiday update

August 23, 2009 § 2 Comments

After the disastrous week of work and rush, I headed back to Taiping with determination and eagerness. Determined to have a assignment-free holiday. Eager to be back home after two months. I was in the state of homesick and exhaustion, and all I dreaded for during the last few days was the six-and-a-half-hours bus ride home. Even though it turned out to be a FREEZING COLD one, and unsleepable. The single seat was superb, but I couldn’t figure out why it turned out to be uncomfortable. Was tossing throughout the whole journey. Sobs.

The first dialogue from my mum at 4.13am in the car was You look very pale lah. This is my 3rd semester, and I think this semester was the 1st time that I ever called her many many times and complained about being tired and busy, usually during the night. The weekends with morning, noon and night classes. The staying up without even online until 4am. The weekdays which I felt lasted so long. The abandoned tea-time gathering in room. The abandoned weekly movie time after a huge home-cooked meal in room. I intended to chat with her until my brothers got up for school, but I fell asleep right after I had my bath. About 10 minutes before they started fighting for the bathroom.

My first day at home, all that I could remember was the TWO huge glasses of juice. The green vegetable juice turned out to be slightly bitter, but my mum made an innocent face and said that it wasn’t. Found out from my youngest brother that it was mixed with some bitterguard. BITTERGUARD! ARGH! Later in the evening I drank the dragonfruit juice with another doubt. Some really wierd taste. And as I forced half the cup down my throat, I heard my youngest brother screaming that it was mixed with some garlics. GARLICS!! GROSS!! Nowadays my mum can be a murderer. Really. The grin and wicked laugh when she saw all our reactions! So, for this two days I willingly helped her to prepare the juices when she asked for help. Hehe. Precaution.

Only went out to meet some dear old friends on Friday night. Had some catchup and laugh over everything. The next few plans were all destroyed by the weather. The raining town. The rain always have the ability to make people so lazy. Filled most of my weekend with driving my brothers around. The best part is getting to drive fast and sing aloud.

Second day, I had a haircut after all. I really did have the thought of letting it grow long, and longer, but the ends were getting dry and splitting. So I told the fella in the salon to trim only a little. Not bad lor. Me like the final handwork. After this I’m gonna keep long hair. I hope so. Hehe.

And, I am becoming such a pig. Sleep like one. Eat like one. Sleep for more than 8 hours everyday, which is 2 times the usual amount I had over there. Eat 3 meals everyday, which is 3 times the usual amount. Dad says he buys everything just for me. Even my aunt keep saying that she cook just for me. This is why I like the feeling of being at home after so long. Hehe.

p/s : Mum and bros love the thick chocolate-coated biscuits. Cousin like the jersey. (:

My holiday wish : I want to master the kaya-making. And bake the chocolate steamed cakes. Delayed for 2 days already. Why is it always something to do with cooking and food? Haha

…to be continued



§ 2 Responses to Holiday update

  • SengYee says:

    ur mum seriously seemed to look like a witch..
    that tend to add EXTRA ingredient in her drinks..
    no offense k..
    jz jk..

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