ding dong..

August 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

Routine can make you so tired and crazy. Maybe you see it, maybe you don’t.

It’s a weekend, and I spent the whole day in my room. Out only to the washroom and AC10 for two cups of tea. Summing up, I actually had 4 meals today: [1.21 am] – A packet of Nips. [1.30 pm] – A cup of tea. [7.08 pm] – Second cup of tea and some marie biscuits. [9.14pm] – A cup of soya drink. See why it’s best not to stay in hostel during weekends?

Work and work. I’m in the rush to finish up most of it because I prefer a peaceful holidays.

Sometimes, a little surprise can make your heart pound a little faster. Slightly faster than the snailcrawl-like, normal, monotonous beat. Provided it’s a happy little surprise.

Why do things tend to crop up at the same time? Huhu.

So, here I am, posting this at 4 am, under extreme exhaustion and hunger. =/

p/s: Finally subtitles are settled! More than 580 slides, plenty of fun displaying it.



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