Rantau Panjang

August 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

Finally the shopping trip at Rantau Panjang came true. We had been planning and foreseeing the suitable time to go there someday, for the past two semesters. It is said that is would be a waste if we did not have the chance to go there when we are in Kelantan. And so we made it come true even though it was really a last minute decision. Never allow busy-ness trap you, right? Haha. Rantau Panjang is approximately 55km from Pengkalan Chepa, and 2km away from Sungai Golok. All we ever need is a piece of border pass each, and we would already be in Thailand.

Thailand-Malaysia border

It only cost us RM70 per car to-and-fro from hostel (RM17.50 each). We all had a great chat and laugh with Abang Ali as usual. As we get nearer to the border of Malaysia-Thailand, we passed through two road-blocks whereby the car will be checked thoroughly by the custom officers. Rice, especially would not be allowed to be taken back into the area of Kelantan.

“Okay, we might finish shopping and walking around in two hours or so” was my first impression when we reached there, after 45 minutes of journey. It seemed like a place of old shops, and old bazaars. I would have never thought that they actually sell original products at a much cheaper, cheaper price. It was actually the tax-free area, so things are mostly sold at lowest price. No wonder it was crowded with people everywhere. You can get from everything to anything there.

Finally we went back with a promise, “Next time we shall have a whole day trip here.” Haha.

p/s : Have I mentioned that it is a great place for shopping? (:

pps : Why am I walking to the toilet at 3am? Because I had a packet of rice with a cup of tea for breakfast and a whole packet of mata kucing for dinner.



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