finally it’s working!!

August 2, 2009 § 5 Comments

Just when I thought everything was over,

When there seemed to be nothing left for me

Not a single piece or dust

To take and try,

No more hopes,

I almost surrender

And I told myself to give up,

Because things like this do crop up

When you least expected it,

And the worst part is

That all you can do is to look in despair,

Mourn and wail for all you can

But nothing’s going to change the fact

That you have to be patient

And try to fix it

By getting a new one in replacement,

But you have proved me wrong

It was really a miracle,

To have you back with me now

*_* ”

Oh, dear Broadband,

I’m so glad you recovered (:

(And I learn [j] [e] [n] in sign language through webcam today lol!)



§ 5 Responses to finally it’s working!!

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