5 Facts : Things I Don’t Need

July 27, 2009 § 7 Comments

Fact 1 : I don’t need a comb in my room.

For the last three weeks, I lent my one and only comb to my friend Shan. She left hers at home one weekend, so she asked for my favour because she prefers mine than her roommate’s. Blame the different types of comb in the market. So, for the past three weeks, every morning I walked down to their room, combed my hair and went to class. Do admire my independence towards comb. I can survive without one! Hehe. Oh, she  brought her comb back already, so I have mine back now.

Fact 2 : I don’t need a TV in my room.

I am having 16 DVDs of Desperate Housewives series, season 1 to 4. Yeyy! Minus the Supernatural, Prison Break and Gossip Girls series I have in my laptop. Of which I almost completed watching. And some movies my friends downloaded. (:  So you bet what I’ll most probably be doing in the room. Who needs TV with only RTM and TV3 channel here?

Fact 3 : I don’t need an air-con in my room.

It’s going to be raining season soon in Kelantan. The sky gets dark most of the time, and the sun starts to shine for only a while in a day. The temperature starts to be lower, and it is becoming more and more windy. There are more occurrence of rain nowadays, all with the roaring of thunder and lightning. So much for the complaints during the extreme hot, dry and sunny days previously. Get ready for the drying clothes in room the whole day period.

Fact 4 : I don’t need a skirt or blouse in my room.

No other attire other than baju kurung is accepted during lecture classes. Not even skirts-below-knee and Punjabi suits for all nons. So many unnecessary NOs given. Opps, did I tell that even my hair is advisable to be tied and clipped? Yes, my shoulder-length hair. Seems that I could imitate the turn-your-fabulous-hair Hollywood style. Hollywood?! Oh, how I love my dear institute.

Fact 5 : I don’t need much decoration in my room.

The piece of wall in front of my eyes looks as if it had bruises all over. So many paint stains due to pull-off of old celophane-tape pieces. That girl came and asked for all her wallpapers before she officially move out of hostel. It was ridiculous to tear off all of those wallpapers because all were already torn. Yet, I just couldn’t stop her from taking revenge, right? I even helped her to remove every single piece of it. But no, I don’t feel sorry about myself, neither for her. It doesn’t bother me anyway. It’s been a month, and I still live comfortably with the wall. Haha.



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