July 18, 2009 § 3 Comments

Woke up after the second alarm today. At 7.00 am. I almost couldn’t open my eyes as I pulled myself to the washroom. I was on duty for the sandwich sale this week. Had to wake up early to pack the sandwiches and sell them around the block. It was fun except the part that I almost couldn’t open my eyes. 4 hours of sleep during a weekend is insufficient. Couldn’t sleep the whole day after that, until now. The effect of yesterday’s long hectic day was still so strong. I was out of my room since 7.40am till 10.30pm. Workshop at 8 till 10.15am. Stayed back for paperwork till 1. Ldes replacement class at 3 to 5.30pm. Ss replacement class at 8.15 till 10.15pm. Time in between the hours are for cooking and some talking. All on a Friday the weekend.

Saturday the weekend has come to an end too. The plan of sleeping in the afternoon was a failure because the weather was extremely dry and we lied down but chatted for hours. Today was a good day for friendship. Spent some time completing the paperwork again at night, as it was to be handed in on tomorrow. Sarawak is so near yet so far. Susah tul nak wat planning. Huge project because the duration there is going to be quite long, and we have so much to do. A lot. Banyak. Think about assignments. The Mov dramatazation. Project and interview.

Got a call from Caeme just now. Happy happy. I really miss her a lot. She called to tell me that she was leaving for Mara scholarship. To Indonesia for medic. We gave each other our farewell forbidden love speech. Can’t meet her online or sms her much already. Can’t send her off on Tuesday. Can’t sweet talk already. Haha. Yeah, we shall be having our promised vacation after your 6 years. Thought of the others as well. All scattered around Malaysia and overseas. Thanks to all who chat and video call and sms. Maybe I forgot to tell you that I needed comfort very much. I sangat rindu lah, bila lagi boleh jumpa? On Thursday I sent a miss-you-and-take-care msg to all my teachers who have my number. Suddenly missing them, and it was really a pleasure to receive so many replies from them. Haha.

And I don’t know why I’m missing you so much.

Got the news through msn. Teruk. Jadi victim again. It isn’t nice to feel like this, for like most of the time. To be picked on when something happened, to be abandoned when you weren’t needed, to be approached when there is an urgency and neccesity. There is nothing that can be done, for we should predict and expect such kind of treatment. But then, what the heck? You expect us to act this way when you acted that way? If you want people to trust you, first of all you must learn to trust people first! Doesn’t that apply to everything? So much of things, so many different kind of people, it could be terrifying. Dissapointing. Depressing. Different will always mean different.

Life is such a roller-coaster.




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