Damn. Painful.

July 6, 2009 § 3 Comments

My feet are painful. Aching. Moving around in department, to and fro cafe. Damn heels. Who says being in souvenirs committee is easy? Try wrapping presents for 130 students, and another 80 special gifts – for schools and VIPs, labelling and ribboning them, packaging them into boxes. With heels. Walking back to hostel was terrible. It felt as if I was stepping on needles with my bare feet. The pain was great enough to create goosebumps all over. Very painful. Couldn’t stand it that I took off those heels and climbed up 4th floor bare feet. Sangat sakit lah.

There would not be classes for today, tomorrow and the day after. It’s a big-time event for the institute, having to host the annual Karnival Pendidikan Khas. The VIPs; Ketua Pengarah Bahagian Pendidikan Guru, all the Pengarahs of IPGMs, some profesionalists, some students from the nearest schools will be present for the seminars and activities, as well as to check on our beloved institute. We were told that we got several awards and appreciation last year. So there is kind of an expectation on what we would present those people. To prove that we sort of deserve the recognition. (duhh..we are the oldest IPG.haha) And so the whole institute is involved in it. Classes are not cancelled, they are to be replaced. That is the part that get all of us sighing and arguing for the most appropriate time for replacement.

And I stood one whole hour ironning my baju batik for tomorrow. The RM108 batik which we wear to class on every Thursday The Batik Day. Sparkle it for its appearance on the main hall stage tomorrow. Lol.

And, and I walked to PT Hypermarket. All the way for a cup of dilute Horlicks beng, for RM2.50 and I drank half of it. We sat there for an hour I guess, talking again after the daily tea session in room. It’s amazing that my this group of friends spend so much of time talking and talking about everything in the world, in class, room and anywhere else. God knows what was our favourite topic. I had to admit, I heart them a lot. Quote “we are already like a family here”. Hehe.

The amount of usage of feet for today is enough to make it sore right now. Pray that no ulser would pay a visit and leave a souvenir.

Damn. Painful.



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