I like . .

July 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

I like angels. The messengers of supreme divine being. Since small, I had this small belief that there is an angel watching me. Yeah, the beautiful creature in white, with a pair of beautiful wings spread over the body. Let it be the influence of cartoon programmes, or spiritual meetings, or the naive innocence, I still smiled to myself whenever I heard someone telling me my guardian angel. It just gives me the peaceful and calm feeling, instead of the creepy and weird hair-sticking feeling of mentioning dea-mourn. Even though both are just superstitious spirits.

I like vampires. Hot vampires. I wouldn’t mind falling for one, who uses its unnatural charm to attract humans to fall for them. The invisible teeth and evilness in the eyes is something attractive. No any simple creature could sink its teeth into your flesh, and leave a three-hole lovebite there. The next minute, you are a predator like them. The hunt for new preys is something you could not fight off. A mystery of death. Still, vegetarian vampires do exist, right?

I like werewolves. Their transformation during the appearance of full moon has often been related to a kind of curse. In daylight, they appear as any other normal human. Sleep, eat, work and sleep again. Shopping and travelling once in a while to break the routine. At midnight, just a howl could warn you from head to toe. They are often granted with extra-human strength and senses. The complexity of having two personalities and characters is amazing. Be you and not you.

I like aliens. When we humans are celebrating joyfully over our historic first landing at moon, they surprised us with the landing of their UFO. Right on our home. They have the most advanced technology which can invade the Earth with just a click and a smile. The unique creation brings us to the most un-earth planet, where you could find the un-human species, working through the un-virtual technology. It is more than I could expect.

I like them.

If the angel is Tom Hanks. If the vampire is Robert Pattinson. If the werewolf is Scott Cohen. If the alien is Keanu Reeves. (:



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